So I’m pissed.

And maybe for a stupid reason, but I don’t care.

I frequent Walmart a lot, because despite how much I hate them and their treatment of employees, they are the cheapest place to shop.

I don’t carry a purse. I hate purses. They’re an unnecessary fashion attachment to feminism that I cannot escape. Yeah, I’ve tried. It’s expected of me, as a woman, to carry a purse. A bag, with two straps that goes over the shoulder. Right?

It’s simply meant to carry the things a woman needs (or is told she needs, ie: makeup) throughout her day. I can understand this. I need to carry things too, such as my wallet, when I don’t have pockets, my hairbrush, tampons, books...

But I will not carry a purse.

For me it's inconvenient. I have several small backpacks that I use instead. Regular, cutesy type backpacks, meant to be used to carry things. I take it everywhere, as my purse, and no one gives a shit. It's a bag, with two straps, that go over my shoulders. No big deal, right?


There's discrimination and then there's straight up fucking idiot.

As I entered Walmart today, I was pointed out and told, "you can't carry that backpack in here."

Okay, I thought. I told him it was my purse with my personal belongings inside, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it.

"No, nuh uh. That's not a purse. That's too big to be a purse."

My mouth dropped. Instantly, I felt annoyed. Because I didn't have a stupid, "normal" purse that "normal" women carry, I was being picked on? I was being told what my bag was? What my bag was used for?

I wanted so badly to pull out one of my tampons from my PURSE and shove it up his goddamn ass. But I stayed calm and tried to make my case. The douche Bag Police wouldn't budge.

I ended up having to leave my bag, carry my wallet and phone, ‘cause no pockets today, leaving me more anxious. I have a huge fear of losing my wallet, as I have done it before on the bus, and its not easy getting all those pointless plastic cards again.

Now I understand store policy and the dude was just doing his job. However, this is a huge issue to me. To base your opinions of your SHOPPERS, your CUSTOMERS, your PAYCHECK on the fact that they don't carry the stereotypical, feminine version of a goddamn BAG??

Fuck you, Walmart. Fuck you, society. Fuck you for making me feel like I have to conform just to go shopping nowadays. Fuck you for singling out my gender based on the shape and size of bags. I'm so sick of this crap I could scream.

And this isn’t even a fraction of what most people deal with. I am so ashamed of our society. It’s disgusting.

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