The Corner Store

twenty dolla make you holla

They lived basically next door to it, and visited often to get soda for her, or for him — lottery tickets.

You see, he had a bit of an addiction to scratchers. Buying several with each paycheck. She didn’t mind too much, seeing as she buys just as many fountain drinks.

She did like to tease him, however, as did the employees at the station who knew them and saw them daily.

This day, they arrived by car to get a soda before dinner. He wanted a scratcher, too, so they both exited the vehicle and entered the station.

She walked right over to the soda machine, grabbing the cup and filling it with Dr. Pepper. Once finished, they paid for both items (he got something with a Chili cartoon on it), and left.

Usually, as they walked back to the car, he would scratch his ticket, shout out the numbers excitedly and then realize they wasted a dollar before tossing it in the garbage bin.

This time, he scratched to find a winner. His big prize?


They went in to trade the ticket for another, to have another go at winning it big. The guy’s inside teased him, telling him about his addiction and how she needed to put her foot down. They only laughed.

On the way back to the car again, they hopped in and he frantically scratched his heart out. She sat beside him, starting the car, getting ready for the next “Aww, I lost” to come out of his face.

But it didn’t.

“Babe, I won!”

“How much?” She asked, expecting another dollar or a ticket, maybe.

“Twenty bucks!”

She gasped.

They squealed in delight and high-fived, before he jumped out and ran inside, half skipping, half frolicking. She watched and laughed as he disappeared into the store.

Sure, it was only $20, and sure, it wasn’t one of those times where they were hard up for cash and really needed it, but it was a surprise, especially considering the amount of losing tickets he usually got.

She sipped from her soda as she daydreamed about winning the lottery BIG, awaiting their departure.

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