I was just in the mood for bashing someone(which happened to be her).
I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can so your tiny little brain can understand.
Storm Boltz

Well, aren’t we mature adults…

Just because you know about gravity, that somehow excuses sexual harassment?

Even animals do it hurrduurrrrduurrrr”

Yeah, but — and maybe you don’t know this — but we as humans have evolved beyond our animalistic behaviors. We have a conscious mind, and most of us have morals and beliefs to live by.

Usually we as people care if harm is done to another. It’s called empathy and compassion.

You don’t seem to care.

Perhaps you are an animal?

I’d imagine a pig.

Now kindly go back to Facebook and stop trolling us non-animalistic, intelligent folk. We enjoy discussion here, not mindless comments simply made to attack someone’s opinion.

Get over yourself, troll.

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