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Well, I can’t speak on what is or isn’t pushed onto men because I am not a man. I can’t claim to know their experiences. I do know, however, that men can and do get screwed as women do.

A man has a kid, but gets zero custody because he’s jobless.

A man is forced to pay mass amounts of child support and alimony but only gets weekends and rotating holidays.

A man goes a long with a girl who wants to have sex only to be acused of rape because she regretted it.

I agree that women have it rough. I know how it is. There’s a lot expected of us and we also have to be alert and diligent at every turn.

But I don’t see it as an excuse. So you have to remember to use protection? Big deal. You have to make sure to carry your drink so it doesn’t get roofied? Better safe than sorry.

No, it’s not an ideal world, but you just have to accept it. As a woman, you have certain responsibilities. As a man,you do as well. But you can’t — CANNOT — rely on someone else to make the right decision.

Wear a condom. And if you are aware the condom didn’t work, get the morning after pill. Don’t wait weeks later or months later when the baby is forming and is now apart of life. Abortion isn’t birth control.

I think the biggest issue wasn’t that she had the abortion, it was that she was so “whatever” about it. No biggy.

That’s sad.

Anyway, I don’t completely disagree with you. Sometimes being a woman sucks because of all we are supposed to/are expected to deal with. Unfortunately that’s the world we currently live in.

I also agree it’s not our place to judge. But judging the judger doesn’t help either.

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