Funny, I haven’t. There are all kinds of men out there with different ideas of masculinity, if any.
Sumant Manne

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you getting all of this from?

Have you heard of opinion posts and what they entail?

Did I ever say, “ALL MEN”?


You read my article, got butthurt, and decided you knew all about what I was trying to say.

Have you experienced my experiences? No? Well, I hardly think you have any opinion on the matter since you have no idea what type of men I have been around or been involved with.

So you would say that being abused by men is my fault, somehow, because I pointed out how shitty they are for their lack of empathy?

You can say whatever you want, but the bottom line is, I have experienced men who lack little to no empathy — and there’s nothing you can say or do to deny these truths.

Just look at our peachy president.


It’s okay, I knew there’d be one guy who was going to come out and start screaming, “NOT ALL MEN!!!!!!1111!!”

Apparently none of ya’ll can take the heat. Apparently none of you “men” are ready to accept that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, some men are total fucknuts.

Thanks for your opinion, though.

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