Why isn't there a roleplay community on Medium?

When I left my ex of six years, I found comfort in the pages of Tumblr. Not just normal, endless scrolling of pics, gifs and random text posts. No, I had sank deep into the roleplay zone.

Dee — Dee — doo — doo — !

When I was a teenager, I got into role-playing as a way to escape being sheltered at home. It was a way to socialize without revealing my real self.

In the more recent tumblr days, it was that at first (I was pretty antisocial and acted as a hermit for awhile), but later evolved into a way for me to write out things bothering me from deep within, in the form of quick fiction replies.

When I felt sad, my MC (main character) felt sad. He'd shy away from his friends, get drunk, and eventually act a fool. 
When I felt happy, my MC would go out to dinners, throw parties, break into swimming pools at night and even cook.

I made a lot of online friends doing this, and looked forward to getting home every night so that I could post well thought out replies.

My writing improved tremendously during this time. Constantly reading replies (posted by all kinds of different people, with various styles), and writing replies (in which you wanted to be sure they were just right, with perfect spacing and even specially made character icons) forced me to want to do better, spell better, have better grammar and definitely better style.

So now, I'm missing that these days. I don't know if medium has a good enough user base for role-playing. I've never seen it here, and maybe it'd be impossible with our comment function.

Does anyone else think it could work?

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