Embed Everything!
David Bryant

This announcement lacks planned innovation. “We will mirror what Google has,” is its essence.

What on Earth will Positron offer over Electron to divert interest? Won’t SpiderNode always lag behind Node.js’ technical decisions, forever focused on V8 and its tooling landscape?

Give me surprise.

Give me a GUI framework that does not bundle what I do not use. Give me an API with HTTP/2 at my fingertips and ES2017 in mind throughout. Give me a time-travelling debugger.

I think of today’s excitement about the Internet of Things as less about just connecting devices to a network and more about embedding the web — all of the web — into everything.

“Internet of Things” must die the death of overused and misunderstood buzzwords. Humans do not care that their lamps have an IP address — let alone run Google Chrome. Humans barely care that they can turn them on remotely. (Is that not already the case with a switch?)

Humans are emotional beings. We thrive through wonder.

Make the lamp light up as I walk past it: awe. Lesser than that is a superfluous elucubration. So is the Web in a lamp; how could that elevate happiness?

Make the TV understand my spoken needs and respond to my inquiries. That, on the other hand, will need graphics and Internet, which I presume is what the Web is to your vision. To succeed, foster an economy around building hooks for certain inquiries. Do it now, or wait a year to publish another piece announcing that you will yet again mirror the competition.

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