Don’t Ever Forget About Linus Torvalds
Just Chris

It probably would have happened without Torvalds. After all, there was Gates, Andreessen, Oracle, IBM. But without Torvalds, it would have been different.

Torvalds should be venerated for sure. But recall though that in the beginning — at the dawn of the commercial Internet when the early pioneers were foraging the path— in the days of Mozilla and Netscape and Sendmail and Usenet and before there was Linux—the Internet ran on Cisco, SGI/IRIX and Sun/Solaris. I think Linus’ legacy is secure — his name has been etched into the OS for all time — but let’s also not forget the earlier architects like K&R, Clark, Eich, McNeeley, Joy, Kay and a host of others who are not as widely known.

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