EOS BallotCraft Guide Published

Branden Espinoza
Jan 10, 2019 · 1 min read

Best Practices for Writing EOS Binding Referendum Proposals

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The EOS Block Producers are on the verge of approving the move of the eosio.forum contract to a system account which will signal a major milestone for the EOS network:

We will finally have the ability to conduct a Binding Referendum!

The EOS BallotCraft Working Group has compiled a best-practices document to help guide the community as it begins to explore the mechanics of self-governance. Members of the working group reviewed the world’s most successful and well-documented systems of direct democracy and identified an approach that fits the governance needs of the EOS community while accounting for the limitations of the technological tools available to it.

The EOS BallotCraft Guide is available for distribution throughout the community and can be downloaded from the following locations:

Special Thanks to BallotCraft Working Group Contributors

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