The One and Only Part 1

Chapter 1: The Loser

Hello there to all or none who visit this place just to read and know more about the great Ethan who was once just a plain regular human and a loser at that, turn into a very known person among the big universe. It wasn’t an easy task getting up there, nor did I expect to even still be here, you know, alive and writing this down. I figured many would want to know who I was exactly so I might as well leave some facts behind in case there are those who try to taint my reputation with fake tales.

Before all of my accomplishments and glory I was just some 16-year-old virgin high school boy who went through the usual loser things, which was being bullied, loner, made fun of, and no girlfriend It was a tough life for me back then in school and home wasn’t any better honestly, although I would admit that it was my own fault that my parents also treated me like shit because despite being a loser I wasn’t even a smart loser. So I wasn’t popular nor was I a nerd, just a garbage human who wasted air with every breath. Of course, I was aware that studying would benefit me in the future, but shit man I couldn’t even force myself to do it.

I was a very useless soul who only went to school to deal with bullshit, return home to deal with more bullshit, and my only escape to happiness was simply playing video games and dank memes. Life at that time to me was just so lame, all I ever wished was to live a carefree life where I can just chill without worrying about bullshit and if bullshit came to me then I could simply shrug it off like a bug. In my head, I would always quote what life would tell me in my face if it ever had a physical form.

“How dare you expect such a life! Do you want a good life? Here, take my shit, hold it, and run it down this hallway full of hardships and hard work. If you pass through all of that then congratulations! You get a good life but with no guarantees, bye!” Imaginary Life tells me in my head.

Now that you have an idea as to the type of person I was back then, let’s get started on how all of that began to change. It was one school day during math class with a generic room of posters and whatnot of math with tables and seats so crowded that it was pretty cramped(public ghetto school). Anyways, I was minding my own business alone at my table until the teacher was looking around at his desk desperately like he lost something which he didn’t lose. His wallet got stolen by someone.

“Class! I really hope no one here took my wallet and if you did, please just return it so we can avoid wasting time in getting a dean to check your belongings.” Mr. Phin said who was a 30ish-year-old man, wearing casual clothing.

The wallet was stolen by a group of four popular kids who were also my bullies, they had taken the wallet when the teacher was talking to another teacher outside before class started and when everyone was entering doing their own thing. So when the teacher had asked, everyone just stayed quiet looking around, not knowing what he was on about including the ones who stole it, acting like idiots pretending not to know. Mr. Phin kept looking around and still didn’t find it, knowing he didn’t drop or forgot it, his suspicion towards the class was more clear.

“I’m getting the dean over here so if no one speaks up I’m going to make sure everyone gets detention just because someone thought it would be a great idea to take something that didn’t belong to them.” Mr. Phin heads towards the school phone to call up the dean.

“Wait!” One of the popular kids shouted named Alex, raising his hand.

“Oh, was it you?” Mr. Phin asks.

“No, but I know who it was,” Alex claimed.

“So who was it?” Mr. Phin wondered.

Franky then points his motherfucking finger right at me.

“It was Ethan,” Alex says with the utmost disgusting fake confidence.

I didn’t say anything at that moment because I honestly didn’t know what the fuck was going on, nor did I expect to get thrown under the bus.

“Ethan, did you take my wallet?” Mr. Phin asked me.


“He did take it, I saw him do it.” Alex’s other douche friend spoke up named Chris, interrupting me.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to rat him out but after hearing we would get detention for his dumbass?” Another called Mike, giving me that nod of disappointment which was bullshit.

“Wait! It wasn’t me!” I shouted not trying to be ballsy in picking a fight with them because I was still just a weak loser back then.

“Dude, we saw you take it, stop lying retard.” The last one who blamed me named Isac.

Everyone had their eyes focused on me, being in an embarrassing situation and I was just there expecting someone to at least back me up, knowing some actually saw those fuckers take it. However, most of them didn’t bother and some simply didn’t even care what was going on. I end up getting months worth of detention for something I didn’t do. I also got beat by my own parents who didn’t believe their own son, taking away my video games and internet for months as well.

At that point, I was beginning to reach a certain level of losing my sanity and become one of those kids you would hear on the news that would commit suicide or decide to buy a gun and do a mass murder. Unfortunately, even if I did get at that level, I was still a big weak coward who would probably hesitate in killing myself or someone else. All I could do was just ask myself why is living such a pain in the ass.

However, it wasn’t long until my life completely changed during that period of time. It was at night when I had to do detention late because they had to postpone my detention for a week and they weren’t just going to let me off with that free week so they added in the time for the lost week. Once I finished my detention, I walk back home to do nothing other than my usual thing of eating, masturbate, and just lay around in bed. As I walked on the street, I took notice of a group of popular kids hanging around in the walkway path like a bunch of cocksuckers blocking the shit. I didn’t bother going past them in order to avoid the possible bullshit, so I took another way and went through an ally. Observing it all the way to the end, I had thought no one was among the ally until in the middle of walking within, some random dude pops out who was hiding behind a dumpster and stabbed me multiple times in my chest and gut, covering it with holes. I fell over to the ground unable to move while the dude checked my pockets and backpack to steal whatever I had which was a measly two dollars.

“Useless.” The man said when he realized I had nothing worth stealing and just walked off, leaving me to die there just for two bucks.

Bleeding out quickly and in pain, all I did was stare at the sky watching all the stars in space and thinking back on my shitty life before I die.

“Well, I was going to die sooner or later. Wish I could have at least lost my virginity first, oh well. They better let me do it in hell.” I thought to myself.

When my eyes began to grow dark and blurry, I had caught a glimpse of a strange light that looked like a star far away, however, it suddenly grew bigger, brighter, and was coming towards me. That was all I was able to see since my eyes completely shut before I could witness anything else.

When that had happened, I somehow awake the next morning in my room and on my own bed which is something that isn’t supposed to happen when you die, heck it would make more sense if I woke up in a hospital room. I wasn’t one to be the type who would think it was a dream or some crap, I right away knew something unusual happened. Rushing to the bathroom I checked myself in the mirror and had no stab marks on my body.

“What the hell?” I wondered, not knowing what was going on.

A few seconds later, my body began to hurt from the inside very intensely, I also felt nausea at the same time so much that I began to throw up constantly on the toilet. All of that extreme pain lasted for about a whole two minutes, almost like my body was breaking down or I had some strange bugs crawling through inside.

“Are you ok?” My mother asked who was named Mia, knocking on the bathroom door.

When the two minutes had passed, my body suddenly went back to normal like I had no form of sickness, to begin with, in fact, I felt much better.

“Uh, the fuck is going on?” I ask myself as I tried to get up from my knees after vomiting.

That’s when I suddenly noticed that my hands in which were holding tightly on the sides of the toilet had been crushed. Not only that but when I tried to use the sink to get up, I also break it after simply trying to rest my hand there to pick myself up. That’s when my entire life changed in that moment, a life in which I actually wished, never expecting it to come true, although I later find out it was only for a limited time because you know, how dare I expect something good last forever.

Chapter 2: Hated by the World

It took a while for me to exactly figure out how my body worked now, not only that but I had a difficult time hiding it. I also ended up getting more punishment from my parents when I had broken the toilet and sink, although that shit didn’t matter since I had strong enough powers to take over earth if I wanted, but I didn’t. The powers I received was pretty basic, just super strength, speed, senses, and regeneration. Of course, there was more to it that I hadn’t figured out but I’ll explain that later.

The first thing I used my powers with was to get some good old revenge on those fuckers who framed me. It was after school when most of the students were leaving campus from multiple exits, mines was near the lunch area. Anyways, I was fortunate enough that my detention was held off for that day and I went straight out. Before all the detention and whatnot I would always either take a detour or wait a bit because every time I went early to go home they would always pull me aside to give me crap. So there I was walking by the big crowd, waiting for those douche bags to call out to me.

“Ethan!” Alex shouts.

I turned around to see him and his other turds also take notice of me while Alex made a gesture to go to them. Giving off a smirk on my face, I raise my right arm and flip them off.

“Fuck you!” I yelled as loud as I could so everyone could hear it.

Many looked to see what was happening, seeing Alex and his group of five others immediately come to me.

“What the fuck did you say?” Alex asks as he immediately tried shoving me hard when he got near me.

When he did, Alex put so much force onto it that he gets the surprise shock of trying to push something extremely tough, like the poor insect was trying to shove a boulder.

“Wow, you push like a little bitch.” I taunt him.

“I’m gonna fuck you up!” Alex shouts and began to raise his fists to fight.

The moment he took his first swing I simply side step and smack the bitch on the head hard enough that everyone hears it along with knocking him out. His other friends started to try and jump me but they couldn’t do shit. Unfortunately, I got too excited that I end up overusing my strength and end up breaking Mike’s left arm along with Chris’ right leg. School teachers and staff began to show up so I had to act like I was vulnerable again and let them take me to the principal’s office where I wait for my parents who got called and told about the incident.

“The hell is wrong with you?” My dad named Mason asks me as he pulled my hair in front of the principal, even though it didn’t hurt I still had to act like it did.

“First you steal and now you hurt others?” My mom really being disappointed in me.

Giving me an earful on all this right and wrong crap as well as being the only one getting punished, I wasn’t able to hold it in anymore.

“Fuck this! You guys are telling me that I’m wrong when those stupid asses bullied me for a long time. They all attacked me and yet I’m the only one who is getting this stupid punishment? Screw all of you!” I shout in anger and turned my back, walking towards the door. “You don’t have to worry about making it an obligation to feed a failure anymore because I’m not coming back home.” I give my final words to my parents and leave.

I stab my own eardrums with my fingers and hold them as I ran all the way outside of the school, not wanting to hear what my parents wanted to say and jump as high and far as I could, away from all the bullshit. I no longer needed my parents, school, or anyone in general since I had such powers.

After running away from home, I spent the past three years training this power and found out during that time I could do so much more. I was able to emit a strange aura that surrounded my body and manipulate it to create all the elements. Not only that but I was also able to do illusions, barriers, and even a clone of myself. The power felt limitless like I was granted gods very own power. I thought at that time if whoever gave them to me was watching me, making sure I didn’t abuse such power too much. That’s what I thought for the whole three years of keeping myself hidden to earth. Eventually, I just said “Fuck it!” and exposed myself to the world.

Going around earth I abused those powers as much as I could and never got punished or removed from them. For example, I made my way down to high-security places like the white house all like.

“Aye! Lmao!” I shout out to trumps face as I had guards all jumping on to me trying to take me down and trying to choke me but they can’t do shit to me.

“Who are you? And what do you want?” Trump asks me with a shocked expression.

“Name is Ethan and I just came to say wasup,” I said and casually walk out.

Then I would bait these hot women who think they could use me just because of my fame and power.

“Hey, you’re that guy, right? Ethan?” A hot brunette who was around her mid-20s, wearing a bikini comes around and asks me when I casually relaxed, laying down on the sand.

“Yeah.” I simply replied, not really being interested.

If there was one thing I didn’t abuse it was getting laid, meaning I was still a virgin back then. Ever since I got the power I had many random women suddenly start noticing me just because of my powers and only that.

“You’re quite handsome now that I look at you more clearly.” The brunette trying to get her strings pulling.

“Thanks, you’re not doing so bad yourself,” I said and decide to get straight to the point, not wasting time. “Say, I’ll do whatever you want if you do what I want,” I tell her in a way pretending that I’m thirsty for her.

“Whatever I want?” The brunette acts clueless, thinking it was going her way easily like any other men she had leeched off from.

“Haha! No! Did you really think I would do whatever you say in exchange for getting laid?” I laughed in an evil way.

“Fucking creep! You look disgusting anyways.” The brunette tells me in a way to make herself look like she didn’t lose.

“Aye! Why you mad? It was just a prank bro.” I couldn’t care less what she said.

“Ew! Don’t talk to me anymore.” The brunette says with that typical disgusted expression of stuck up women.

“Are you seriously giving me that above and below me crap?” I grabbed hold of her arm and groped her just to show her I could do whatever I wanted with her without needing to do anything for her.

“Let me go!” The brunette yelled as she slapped and kicked me all over my body even though it had no effect on me.

A crowd of people began to gather seeing what I was doing and recording it.

“Dumb bitch, I could fuck you if I wanted to, oh? What’s that? You’re going to call the cops on me? Too bad! Because they can’t do shit to me! Wait? What was that? You’re going to call the army? Too bad! Because they won’t bother to go to war with me just for some poor dumb bitch who got molested.” I explain to her while laughing, trying to ruin that ego of hers for looking down on people just because she had a hot body.

And then there are the times when I get complaints on how I handle criminals who I catch.

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Some righteous type old man tells me when I caught a thug trying to rob a liquor store and I smacked him around in the face brutally in the middle of the street.

“Shut up old man, I’m simply punishing this dude to make sure he never dares do something stupid again,” I said.

“That’s going too far! All you had to do was subdue him and turn him into the police!” Another person shouts.

Everyone began to riot against me, telling me how I am a bad person and how I should use my power more responsibly blah blah blah.

“I don’t give a fuck.” That’s all I said to those stupid people who spoke about all that responsibility crap as I gave them the finger.

Life was really good for me, the whole world couldn’t oppose against me. They tried once but I made sure to make it clear to all of them that it was stupid.

Eventually, I did end up maturing more after four years of abusing and training my power. I did a lot of what I wanted to do and now I just wanted to live that life I had wished before gaining superiority, which is just relaxing without having to worry about anything. Of course, people still hated and had doubts about me, saying how I am a threat to humanity and the world. So I took an interview on a show that was watched by millions of people in different languages.

“Why do you refuse to use your power for good?” A woman named Helen who was the interviewer asked me as we both sat on a typical fancy studio couch on opposite sides.

“I am.” I simply replied with a careless expression.

“Yes, you do, but not constantly. You can save many more lives than what you already save, you can even change the whole world for the better. So why wouldn’t you do such a thing?” Helen asks as she tries to ignore my unprofessionalism.

“Because I’m not a hero, I just live my own life. I want to let things flow normally without you people needing to depend on my power to help. All of you people should at least be glad that I am not true evil because I actually have the power to take over the world if I wanted. So all you government officials out there, stop being idiots planning special weapons and such in case I would ever decide to do it because I won’t.” I explained as I looked at the camera seriously.

“Do you expect the people to believe your words?” Helen right away replied with another question.

“I mean, taking over the world will be such a pain, like seriously, even if I did I would have to deal with rebels and all that annoying crap. I would rather just let the current leaders do their thing while I just chill.” I ended it there and just left the studio.

There was more to it but the other questions were not that interesting, just usual name, where I was born and stuff. Ah, and about my parents, I still never spoken to them nor revealed myself face to face with them ever since that time in the principal’s office when I decided to run away. However, at the end of the day, they did go through with raising a failure so the least I did was make sure they were safe by giving them special protection with a technique I made that would activate a barrier to protect them from bad people looking to kill them just because they are related to me.

At that time, I was still bothered by the fact that I didn’t know why I was given power. That question remained a mystery for a whole seven years until it slowly got answered.

It was during a random night when I was just laying down on top of a mountain, watching the sky until I suddenly felt something. The feeling wasn’t coming from earth but from space, almost like my senses was detecting danger coming. I looked at the sky for a long time and stare onto the moon with a sudden idea. The thought never came to my mind for a whole seven years if I could actually go out onto space and survive without needing any special equipment. Honestly, I was scared to even try it, thinking I didn’t really have a reason to risk myself but curiosity got the best of me.

I take a hard step onto the ground with my right foot and take a stance as I looked at the moon. Charging up all my strength onto my legs, I take that huge single jump and the next thing I knew I crashed landed right on the moon like a meteor, making a big crater. It happened so quick that I decided to not do it again since if I had just jumped into raw space then I probably would be floating in space outside of the milky way. Anyways, the answer to surviving space is obvious, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here writing this shit story with poor literature.

The feeling of being in space felt really weird with no sound. That was the moment I began to consider the possibility of actually traveling to another galaxy and maybe find other life. Many ideas began to flood my mind that I end up forgetting the reason why I even came to the moon in the first place. When I tried to sense that strange feeling I couldn’t anymore and it never returned.

“Whatever, guess I’ll head back.” I thought to myself.

I jumped back to earth and continued on with my carefree life, not considering in investigating the danger I was feeling. That danger ended up coming back to bite me real hard for ignoring it and I regret it for the rest of my life.

Chapter 3: The Visitor Who Came and Destroyed

When I learned that I can survive being in space without getting hurt or die, I still didn’t bother going anywhere beyond space. When I thought about space traveling there were many things that could go wrong if I tried so I just wanted to stick with my amazing and chill life on earth. However, those days of me living my dream life came to an end.

It all happened when I was in the middle of the desert doing my daily training of keeping my powers and body in shape. When I had finished, I was ready to go on to have some food until I suddenly felt a strange chill down my spine and felt the presence of someone behind me. I slowly turned around, wondering who or what could possibly give me such a feeling on earth. That’s when I saw a woman known as Elisa, she stood there wearing strange clothing with a lot of strings sticking out of them like they were simply torn out.

“Who are you?” I asked, not feeling fear at that time since I had no idea who she was.

Elisa just smiled at me and had such sinister eyes that stared me down like she could kill me at any moment. Just by looking at her eyes, that chill started to grow into fear, something I hadn’t felt ever since I got my powers.

“You better not fuck with me!” I yelled out and dashed at my fastest speed towards her.

Having the intent to kill Elisa she easily reacted to my attack and punched my gut. I fell to my knees and felt a lot of pain from just that single punch.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked myself as my whole world turned upside down.

It was a shocking moment for me since for a whole seven years I felt unstoppable and never felt pain. At that moment I began to wonder if I was finally getting punished for abusing my powers or something else, but all my guesses were very wrong.

“Make sure you watch closely as I kill everyone from earth,” Elisa said as she turned her back away from me.

“You bitch!” I get angry only because I didn’t want to accept the fact that someone could hurt me.

I paid no attention to her threat, thinking there was no possible way she could do such a thing, but I was naive. When I charged at Elisa again, she stabbed me with a bunch of strings that pierced my body and hanged me like a rag doll. Unable to move a single muscle besides my head, that is when I started to witness a massive slaughter right before my eyes and it happened so quick from a single person. Elisa had every human stuck in the sky like a web, pierced with strings all over their bodies. It was such a devastating sight, I didn’t know what to think as I watched the whole blue sky covered in bodies and feel an actual rain of blood pour down on my skin.

“Nice view isn’t it? It’s my personal favorite.” Elisa leans her right shoulder onto my head.

I tried to sense if there was at least one person alive on earth but I felt or heard nothing, not even animals.

“What the fuck! Why would you do such a thing to your own planet?” I asked in anger, thinking she was a human.

“Fool, I’m not a human,” Elisa replied and simply walks off laughing, disappearing among the billions of strings that wrapped around her and dispersed.

No matter how much I had raged those strings that bounded me wouldn’t rip or budge. I was completely stuck there and forced to sit in the rain of blood. That’s when moments later, a spaceship appears just right outside of earth, being able to catch a glimpse of it through the billions of bodies that covered the sky. That spaceship charged up a giant red beam that struck the earth, spreading everywhere and burned everything.

Chapter 4: When you Become the One and Only Human Left in the Universe

After that giant beam struck earth I completely went out when it had reached me and when I had awoken, I simply see yet another shitty sight. All I saw was nothing but burn and ash from both nature and humans who were no longer in view. Due to my regeneration, I managed to survive that beam but the strings had still bounded my movements.

“This can’t be happening, right?” I ask myself, thinking it must be some next level prank or a dream in which I truly wished it was.

It wasn’t until another hour later when futuristic spaceships came down from the sky. Aliens who weren’t from earth with hundreds of spaceships land on earth. It was my first time witnessing different beings with unique body structures and limbs. Of course, I had no idea what the hell was going on at that time but they all wore the same gray uniforms with a symbol on them which represented one of the Divine armies called Vaklif. I’ll get into more details later on what this Divine is and all that.

Anyways, these aliens stood near me speaking in a different language and put me in cuffs that completely restraint my body and brain. The only thing I could do was make myself move and talk, unable to use my powers at all almost like I forgot how to.

“Hey! What the fuck is this? Who the fuck are you people?” I asked away but none of them responded to me.

Removing me from the strings they forced me onto a spaceship and tossed me right inside a small cell with glowing green bars, locking me away with only a solid table meant for a bed and a weird shaped toilet.

“Hey! Someone fucking answer my damn questions!” I kept screaming in anger when I just wanted some answers when I was completely clueless and full of rage.

When the ship took flight onto space there was a window in the cell that I took noticed and looked outside. That’s when I saw the once blue, white, and green planet now become black and gray from all the burn and smoke covering it. Earth was truly no more and I was the only one left alive to witness such a tragedy and be tormented by it. At that time I thought to myself that maybe the reason I was given powers was to prepare for the destruction of humanity and earth, but I later find out that I was also wrong about that. Until then I was just completely dead inside, feeling nothing but guilt on myself.

After a long ride on the spaceship that took about four days earth time, we arrived at some new planet where I thought they were going to let me live on for the time being and consult me but nope, wrong again. The planet had a strange structure full of fences and watch towers filled with both Valkif officials and many beings who wore black uniforms with collars on their necks like they were prisoners, in which I find out that they are.

It was when I was taken onto a court-like thingy where they exactly began to tell me what was going to happen to me. There was a high-wide desk with different kinds of aliens sitting down while looking at a file that had a report on me. While they read that, someone had implanted a special tech onto my ear and all I did was wait on some chair in the middle until they finished reading.

“How sad, you betrayed your own people just so you can have personal gain in your life?” One of the weird looking aliens asked while looking at me with disgusted eyes.

The piece of tech on my ear was something that translates over 25 billion common languages in an instant called Instant Translator, in short I.T.

“What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t even know what the fuck is going on here! And some fucking woman killed everyone!” I shouted in anger because shit just got more confusing to me.

“Silence! Do you really think you can lie to us?” Another being yelled back at me.

“You cooperated with Elisa and the Uruk to be given powers, in exchange you gave them human subjects in secrecy to experiment on them. However, they ended up betraying you when they had no need for you or the humans anymore, resulting in the extinction of your people. You’re not the first to do such a shameful thing and there is plenty of proof that leads us to believe you are guilty.” Another being explained who sat in the middle. “It’s such a shame you ended up being the only one left of your kind to be alive, what a disgrace.” He says as he gives the final judgment.

“Are you fucking kidding me! You fucking stupid pieces of shit!” I screamed in anger, being remembered of the exact same situation when I got blamed for stealing my teacher’s wallet.

One of the guards hit me with his gun on my face hard, knocking a tooth out of me. They placed the same collar the other prisoners I saw have and removed my cuffs, my powers were still sealed but not as much anymore and they told me if I tried anything stupid like escape then the collar would kill me. Then they forced me to change into the black uniform and tossed me right into another cell where I spent three years of living in hell. Doing torturous labor work and getting punished for doing the work wrong even if it was an accident. Dealing with similar bully bullshit only prison style, getting beaten up by a group of thugs and raped by random fucking alien criminals from other planets. I had to deal with that hell for three fucking years, there were times I wanted to kill myself during those three years to end my torture. However, there was something that kept me going and living no matter how much I suffered.

“That bitch!” I tell myself as I sat in my own bed cell as I twitched like I had a seizure because I felt nothing but hatred going on in my mind and just wanted to kill. “It’s all her fault!” Every day I cursed the woman named Elisa who was the one responsible for framing me and taking away my precious carefree life along with destroying my home planet.

Chapter 5: The Start of a New Free Life

Three years in planetary prison, I eventually end up being free, well, broken free to be exact. It was during another miserable day in prison at nighttime when I had finished my torture shift along with getting into a daily fight with some alien thugs and returned back to my cell. Before going to bed I first had to do my quota in which I never missed ever since I started.

“I’m going to kill her!” I began my daily cursing of Elisa. “Stupid piece of shit!” I shouted my lungs out.

“Haha! That idiot is back at it again.” An eight-limb alien said who was in the cell across from mines.

“I’m starting to get tired of coming here to ask you to be quiet.” A guard who looked like a human which in other words was a four-limb and wasn’t human.

“Go fuck yourself bitch!” I tell the guard.

“Seems like you will never learn your lesson.” The guard opened the cell and entered.

He began to beat me with an electric stick until I was completely bloodied and barely able to move just like all the other days.

“Ugh.” I crawled to the wall and slowly turned myself around.

“I’ll see you again tomorrow.” The guard told me and was about to close the door.

“Fucking pathetic! You hit like a fucking pussy!” I shouted to him with blood spitting out when I had said it.

The guard finally got pissed and turned back around.

“You know what, I’ll gladly take the suspension and have the honor to put your filthy kind to extinction.” He said and began to beat me again.

Without taking a single break, the guard was truly going to beat me to death until the building in which I was celled in suddenly exploded. Alarms began to ring and I heard gunfire outside, the prisoners began to rebel and go nuts when the collars had somehow been disabled. Even though all of that was happening, the guard was still bent on making sure I get killed, however, someone ends up killing him. Unfortunately, that was all I was able to see and hear because I just completely go unconscious.

Passed out for hours, I had awoken on a random deserted planet with nothing in view but the ground and rocky mountains. I felt my neck noticing that I no longer had the collar nor was I cuffed.

“Where the fuck am I?” I asked myself as I got up from the ground and realize that my wounds had regenerated.

“So you finally awake.” A voice tells me from behind.

The moment I heard that voice I immediately knew who it was since I made sure I burned it deep onto my brain if a time ever came where I would meet her again. I turned to the direction of the familiar voice and saw Elisa who was wearing similar clothing the day I first met her with strings coming out of them.

“You! I’m going to fucking kill you!” I screamed with pure rage on my words along with a smile on my face, being glad I was given such an opportunity to face her again.

I took a more proper look at Elisa, seeing that she actually looked attractive.

“No! First I’m going to rape the shit out of you and do every single thing I would know to make you feel like shit until you beg me to be killed!” My mind was filled with nothing but hatred as I cracked my fingers, neck, and arms getting ready to do the worst things to Elisa.

Elisa just gave me a smirk towards my rage, not having a single care towards my threats.

“That’s good, keep feeling hatred towards me,” Elisa said as she still had that same fucking smile when I first met her.

I dashed towards her and began to throw everything that I learned from training but she dodged and blocked everything like it was nothing. I was still unable to land a single blow to Elisa and yet all she did was put me in the same damn string binding that pierced my body and made me helpless.

“Fucking dammit! Why!” I yelled, not understanding why I couldn’t do a single thing to Elisa.

Elisa grabs hold of my neck and squeezes it tightly.

“There has been countless beings who have sought revenge on me. So what makes you think you could pull off what many have tried doing?” Elisa looks at me with disappointment.

“Fuck you!” I split blood right onto her face.

Elisa wipes it off and drinks it.

“I’ll get straight to the point, the one who gave you those powers was me,” Elisa said as she took a lap around me.

“I know it was you stupid bitch! Because you fucking framed me!” I had already guessed it.

“True, but I didn’t give you such a rare power just so I could frame you. And stop being bent on getting your revenge right now, you will get your chance.” Elisa steps back a bit and makes a throne made out of strings to sit on.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I wondered what she meant by chance.

“You should realize that you won’t be able to get your revenge at the moment, you’re too much of a weakling that it makes me sick. So I will personally train you for a bit so be thankful.” Elisa explained.

“The fuck? If you wanted me to get stronger then why didn’t you just ask? Why the hell did you kill humanity and destroy the earth? Why!” I just get angrier.

“Because I had to give you a reason to come after me. When I gave you the powers I expected you to be strong right away, unfortunately, you didn’t.” Elisa suddenly removed the strings that kept me restraint.

“Just for a stupid reason like that-”

“I’m going to give you two options, either live and get trained by me or get killed right here and now so you don’t waste my time anymore.” Elisa having a serious expression, one that made me feel certain that she truly means to either let me live or die.

At that moment I began to hold my emotions back and began to think before acting. I decided to accept the fact that I couldn’t kill her the way I was then. As much as I hated to be trained by a person I felt nothing but anger for I end up taking the first option. Otherwise surviving hell for three years would have been for nothing.

Chapter 6: The Wild Universe

And so I was taken in by Elisa who personally put me through intensive and painful training. Elisa didn’t hold back on me a single bit, rarely giving me breaks for five fucking years straight. At times I regretted making the decision since it was no different from three years of being in prison, but I stuck through it to the end. Not only did she train me physically, Elisa made sure to also teach me about the universe and how things go down.

So if you’re new to exploring the universe then the first thing you should do is to take everything you learned from gods, demons, angels, and anything that one would consider absolute and throw it in the nearest trash can. Hate to break it to you but there is no such thing as an absolute ruler in the universe. Divine in which I mentioned earlier is not a real “Divine” thing, it’s just a name used by a current government that is trying to keep the universe balanced. Split into eight different armies that is the size of about 40 billion galaxies,(the Valkif I mentioned is one of those armies) they do their best to keep peace in the universe. If something happened to Divine that would lead them to their doom then the universe enters something called a Dark Age, meaning the universe would just turn into a battlefield of species trying to claim the seat of becoming the new order and from what I was told living during a Dark Age is a complete nightmare.

This brings us to something called the Dark Realm in which Elisa belongs to, however, Elisa’s status is at the top of the Dark Realm. So what is this Dark Realm you ask? Well, it simply consists of all the illegal and bad shit in the universe that has to do with selling, pirates, assassins, Divine Revolutionaries, and much more. The name changed throughout the entire existence of the universe but at the moment it’s Dark Realm. The number one illegal thing in the universe that has been around for such a long time is the Slave Markets. Beings who get captured after invasions or kidnapped from their planets and get sold off. Most of the demand is female species since I end up learning that humans aren’t the only ones who found sex fun and good. Males are usually used for labor work or if they’re unlucky they get some disgusting looking female alien who uses em for pleasure. Aside from the Slave Market, there is also the number two spot which is the selling of weapons and the number three spot being assassinations.

That brings us to who is Elisa and what is her status, well, among the Dark Realm there are even big titles that are given by not only Divine but a lot of the galaxies in the universe which is a pretty big deal. Those titles are known as the Most Wanted Beings in the universe, at that time there was only six whom Divine along with the rest of the universe wanted dead. During my time with Elisa, she had taken me to certain places and I was explained by others on how Elisa exactly got such a title. She was the most ruthless among the six, only craving in fighting strong opponents whether it was from Divine or the Dark Realm, she didn’t care and innocent lives would get killed simply because they happened to be there when she would fight.

During that time Elisa had calmed down which took many by surprise, not only that but she joined Larvien who was another of the most wanted and the leader of the number one assassination group in the entire universe called Zeio. Someone of Elisa’s caliber was capable of making her own group and be her own boss making many confused on why Elisa had done something unusual when for a long time she roamed the universe alone and caused chaos.

I was curious about it as well and decided to ask her myself when Elisa was going to let me free completely to do my own thing in the universe until I got to her level.

“Here.” Elisa tossed me keys to my own spaceship in a random empty planet.

“Hold up bitch, I want to ask you something. From all the stories I heard, I was wondering why you changed? And why the fuck did you choose me to personally train so I can take your head?” I asked away since I had to put up with no answers for so long, thinking she simply got bored and was trying out different ways to entertain herself by training enemies to try and kill her. However, for some odd reason, I felt there was something more to her intentions in which I ended up getting played by all the way.

“You want answers? Prove to me that you deserve them.” Elisa vaguely said.

“What you mean prove?” I wondered, thought she meant until I can actually hurt her.

“First, why not try to take down all of the Uruk and after them try to kill Larvien, my boss. If you manage to pull those off then I would gladly tell you the whole story on why I targeted earth and specifically let you live.” Elisa being serious about those conditions.

“The fuck? Why do I need to go after them? It’s you whom I only want dead.” I didn’t want to deal with others for no reason.

“Don’t worry, they have plenty of involvement in your planet’s demise and suffering. The spaceship that burned everything off your planet belonged to the Uruk. It was me who told them to do it but I’m sure you’re not going to let them off, right?” Elisa asks with a sinister smile on her face.

“That name did come up when they sentenced me to hell.” I think back when I was in court. “What about Larvien?” I wonder how he was involved.

“Let’s just say if it wasn’t for him then I wouldn’t have ever found out about your planet or people in the first place.” Elisa ended it at that. “That should keep you busy until our fight to the death comes, try not to disappoint me and get killed somewhere right when I let you go.” She says.

“I’m not planning to die until I kill you real good,” I tell her.

After that Elisa took her leave and I was finally free to do my own thing in the universe after eight whole years of dealing with restriction. The spaceship she had given me was a very big and expensive one, it had eight rooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen which was also the living room and control room to fly it. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to manually drive the thing since it came with a big ass manual and I was too lazy to learn but luckily it had an automatic system that would fly the ship for me, all I had to do was give it commands on where to go and how fast.

Before I actually went out to explore different galaxies and planets, I first returned back to my home, earth. It took about 30 minutes to arrive at a speed considered Beyond Light Speed, which surpasses the natural speed of light, in short, it’s just B.L.S. Anyways, I saw the same shitty view when I had left which was pure nothingness, the planet earth was truly no longer a planet that could sustain life. The place was covered in tape and weird equipment from Divine having came down to investigate eight years ago.

And so I do my best to make graves of my parents Mia Walker and Mason Walker, Walker was my last name by the way though the last name doesn’t matter anymore. When I finished the graves, I began to pay my respects and teared up a bit. Even though it was truly not my fault nor could I have ever stopped both the destruction of earth and humanity, I still felt guilty, being the only one left alive and getting such an opportunity to explore space and such, even though it came with a torturous price.

“I won’t ask for forgiveness and I won’t stay being a pussy little bitch blaming myself. All I can do for you guys is at least try to avenge you. After that who knows what I will do, maybe I’ll kill and bury myself here since this is my home and I’m sure some of you bastards are cursing me from hell to die if that place even exists. Later.” Those were the last words I gave on earth and left, never returning until I accomplished my goal.

Chapter 7: Mysteries of the Universe

Now that I was free, I set out onto my adventures in the universe. Although I first made sure I did fun things like partying and banging some of that alien pussy. I regret not doing or abusing my powers back on earth to bang human pussy, so it was unfortunate that my first time was some non-human females. I wanted to make sure I experience a lot of shit in case I happen to get locked away in hell again. It was also for the sake of clearing my mind a bit from everything that has happened since I wanted to make myself sure that I wouldn’t cling to the past.

I was surprised by the number of unique galaxies, planets, and many other weird places I came across. I even tried to land on a gas planet and almost died, the pressure n gas was too much for me to handle although it is possible to survive but there isn’t much to see honestly. There is just too many things to explain that I would rather save it when I come about it.

You might think that the universe is filled with answered questions but in reality, there was still those wonders that have yet to be uncovered, some say it is impossible to discover or it is forbidden. Like the center of all galaxies which is a black hole and other similar holes in general. Many have tried to explore black holes but they only reach so far inside one until eventually no matter how super advanced tech they have or how powerful one is the deeper they go the more how that infinite gravity becomes more… infinite. There have been records on how far one has gone in and actually got out but no one has ever reached an “end”. There have been those who claimed they reached this end but they always come out as fakes.

I actually did make it to the “end” of the universe, I know many will call bullshit and unfortunately, I got no proof. So whether one believes me or not is all up to them, although I’m not going to spoil such a thing now, better to save the best for last or you can be a dick and just skip my whole glorious adventure just to see what I saw at the end of the universe, whatever, it’s up to you, not like you’re going to believe me anyways.

Of course, I didn’t spend most of my time partying and banging hot alien bitches, I made sure I never faded away from my original goal. So I searched for information about the Uruk, mainly from Dark Realm places.

The first spot I went to was a Dark Market located on a moon that orbited a gas planet called Tuil. Not every species can survive in space but there is a special popular technology called Voice-Over that can cover a size of a planet or bigger. Voice-Over allows someone to be able to talk in raw space along with allowing those who can’t survive in the universe, well, be able to survive. I was actually glad things were simple in the universe and convenient. I probably would have given up on life if I had to do sign languages or actually learn entire languages just to communicate. Thank god for Instant-Translator and Voice-Over.

So I walked around seeing all sorts of stuff stealing weapons on the Tuil market. It wasn’t really a big one since the real deal Dark Markets are under protection and owned by big names like the most wanted. If anything, the low-level markets are more like swap meets where anyone can come in with their own stands and sell their shit at their own risk. Many small markets aren’t properly under control so conflicts do happen.

“Hey, you!” A six-limb alien with robes shouted out to me who had his own stand. “I have some interesting items you might like.” He tells me in a generic salesman way.

“Yeah, I’m interested.” I walked towards his shop, not really interested in his garbage items. “I want some information,” I said.

“Information?” The robed alien wondered.

“Do you know information about the Uruk?” I bluntly ask.

“Hu? Why would I know information on them?” The robed alien looking confused.

“That’s a shame,” I say and just walked away.

Coming across many who try to sell their shitty items just like back on earth when annoying people came knocking on the door to try and force a product down your throat even after you tell them you got no money and they still insist.

I forgot to mention, but in the universe, at the moment there is a currency that is used for most of the open space which is called Universe Currency, in short, U-currency or just U. That currency only works on open planets and not Neutral. Neutral planets are like earth who have yet to reach space travel and are not be fucked with. Divine protects those planets secretly but like I said, Divine isn’t a true absolute ruler in the universe since earth still got destroyed. Anyways, U-currency is mainly used on Dark Markets, either that or you can trade with shiny treasures and anything rare in general.

After exploring a bit I came across the most popular shop.

“Please! Don’t do this!” A slave screamed in fear who is caged up.

“You scum! The gods will punish you!” Another shouts in anger.

There was a house-sized full of them all locked up in a cage with torn clothing or completely naked to be viewed like some kind of animal show. Many had tears not because they were afraid, but because they had lost loved ones during their capture.

“Help us! Please!” A four-limb male who was naked and beaten grabbed me by the shoulder from the cage.

“Hmm, I’ll help you if you know any information on the Uruk,” I told him.

“The Uruk? I don’t know, I’ll do anything else if you just help me.” The man kept insisting on help.

“Too bad, you will have to wait a little longer,” I said and continued on.

Not getting anywhere, I decided to begin asking the ones in charge of the market, however, since I knew they wouldn’t actually tell me if I asked nicely, I first trashed the place and gathered a bunch of the staff and a few criminals half-dead.

“Alright you cocksuckers, if you know any information on the Uruk then you better spit it out,” I demanded.

“Fucker! We’ll kill and rape everyone from your planet!” One of them yelled at me.

“Sorry, but everyone from my planet is already dead,” I replied and killed him in an instant with my bare hand.

Slaughtering all of them with ease until one decided to give into fear and tell me some information.

“Wait! Please! I might not know exact information on the Uruk, but I know someone who might!” A three-limb alien yelled in desperation to live.

“Then tell me you dumb bitch.” I smacked him around.

“There is someone who goes by the name of Shadow, comes here often to buy some weapons. However, recently she made an order for us to take weapons to her Dark Galaxy. She might know something about them.” The three-limb alien quickly explained.

“Shadow? Dark Galaxy? And it’s a woman?” I thought about it in my head, trying to imagine how she looked like. “Alright, give me the coordinates, I doubt I will get anything more out of this place anyways,” I say.

When I got the coordinates from the three-limb, I first released all the slaves and took my leave before they ganged up on me to give me thanks for saving them. I right away headed down to this Dark Galaxy and to my surprise, it was actually true to the name. Unlike other plain galaxies with the bright gas, dust, and stars. The Dark Galaxy was covered in a strange darkness that almost camouflages with raw space.

Chapter 8: Sudden Idea

I spent a very long time going through every planet within the Dark Galaxy since the moment I entered the strange dark mist, everything from the spaceship signal to my own senses went completely blank. A random traveler could literally pass by the galaxy and not realize they entered it. Luckily my spaceship was able to detect planets only if I was real close to one.

The first one I had come across surprisingly had species living on it. It wasn’t until I had transported onto the planet that I realize it was wildlife. I had landed right onto an ocean of cold water in complete darkness. If I was just a plain human then something like that would without a doubt scare the shit out of me just floating in the middle of a random ocean in the dark. But I was a beast myself so I had nothing to fear.

“Let’s light up this place,” I said and tossed a giant fireball into the sky that exploded like a flare.

That flare ended up being useless because the darkness absorbed the light before it even reached the water.

“The hell?” I wondered if the darkness was alive and eating away the light.

Even though I didn’t get light, I did get the greetings of sea monsters that came rushing trying to eat me. It was difficult to see but I felt quite the big jaws trying to chew me up and tentacles squeezing me. I had to kill some of them in order to transport myself back on my spaceship without getting stopped. Unfortunately, I had returned with weird guts and blueish blood from killing them.

“Well shit, that was a waste of time and now I got my ship dirty,” I said as I continued on to exploring and change myself.

Many of the planets were pretty much the same, filled with wild monsters or just plain deserted. It took me a whole weeks worth of traveling until I finally came across the planet this Shadow was residing in. Although the , was empty and my spaceship couldn’t actually detect any life, my own senses were enough to know someone was there, but it was very faint since I had to concentrate and focus just to feel that tiny presence. When I transported onto the land it became more clear that a little bunny was hiding.

And so I made my way to the exact spot where Shadow was located. It is a church-like building covered in a lot of the dark aura where Shadow lived.

“I sure hope it all goes good and I also hope she looks sexy.” I thought to myself and entered from the front.

Inside the building was just a big empty room with a single measly light in the middle.

“Are you a new Sceyth added to the ranks?” A female voice echoed.

“Sceyth? The hell is that?” I wondered.

“Don’t play dumb.” The voice says.

“Then don’t play shy with me and come out,” I replied.

That’s when I meet Alice, my first comrade I made when I began my journey for revenge. She was a four-limb that pretty much looked like a human but wasn’t, obviously. Wearing a strange coat made up of that dark aura she was able to manipulate, underneath that she wore a very light armored vest and leggings looking close to a ninja, sort of. And of course, she was really hot, rocking that sexy toned body of someone who trains with black hair.

“Why do you like darkness so much?” I casually ask.

Alice takes a hard look at me.

“I’ve never seen you from Sceyth, if you really aren’t from that place then leave, I have no business with you. Otherwise, I will kill you right here.” Alice giving me a warning.

“Come on, don’t be like that babe-”

Alice suddenly threw shadowy blades towards me, when I dodged them they cut the building like it was mere cheese.

“Alright! Calm Down! I was just joking-”

Alice continued her aggression, no longer hearing me out anymore. So I had no choice but to soften her up a bit so I can ask questions.

This is a perfect time to explain how things like power and fighting work in the universe. Every species out there has their own form of abilities or weapons along with rules and whatnot. Since it’s hard to keep track of the actual names of powers, fighting styles, and all this other crap, in the universe they simply label ones fighting from either Natural or Unnatural. Natural means a being who was born with power from their race while Unnatural means a species who wasn’t born with powers and are either created, given, or implanted.

In my case I was unnatural who was implanted with powers, Elisa told me my powers was from a race called the Nermuen. A former species that once ruled the universe long ago way before Divine, talking about eons ago before the earth was even born. Anyways, there was a time when rumors were going around about the last Nermuen still alive. Until a monster named Elisa was hungry for a fight and found that Nermuen and killed him, taking the body to the Uruk to do experiments which then led to me in being the final product. The Nermuen wasn’t the only thing I got implanted, I still received DNA from other species in order for my body to actually be stable. That time when I threw up constantly, well, that was because my body was getting adjusted to the sudden changes of new organs and whatnot.

I was also told that I was using the Nermuen aura thing wrong, even though I can do things like manifest water and lightning on my hand, it would only do good against , regular beings, aka human level. So everything I learned during earth was useless in the real deal which was the universe. The Nermuen aura was mainly used to make yourself extremely tough, by tough I mean tough enough to withstand huge amounts of pressure like surviving in landing on a gas planet or even a sun. It was actually difficult trying to get the power to be used as an absolute defense and offense while being mobile, requiring a lot of training through the mind but if one would achieve full mastery then one could even survive entering a black hole. I have already mastered the power at the moment but back then I still had long ways to go with it.

So back to me fighting Alice, her darkness molded into blades in which she tossed and swung. She was also able to enter her darkness and reappear on another side instantly like she enters her own dimension. Alice was pretty skilled, her power was known as Hashin, a rare power that is considered to be a chosen type thing among her people. The ability to manipulate and emit a dark aura that can change forms and uses. Although she was good, it wasn’t enough to take me out of breath, I took her out with a few blows on her stomach and did my best to not hurt her face too much since I felt bad doing it.

“Dammit!” Alice struggled to get up on her knees, still trying to fight.

“Come on, I don’t wanna ruin that cute face of yours,” I tell her.

“Shut up!” Alice shouts as she enveloped herself in darkness.

It suddenly exploded, making me blink once and just from that one blink I was in a complete void of darkness where I couldn’t see, feel, hear, or sense anything.

“What the fuck?” I tried to say but couldn’t even hear my voice.

That’s when I began to get stabbed up within it, I was able to tell since I wiped my hand around my body and was still able to taste the sensation of blood which I would say was one weakness of her ability.

“Shit, she might actually kill me.” I thought to myself not being too worried since I had my regeneration.

That’s when I focused my entire power and built it up as much as I could onto my right hand and let it all out by tossing it forward like a super heavy ball. Making a big explosion of energy with a lot of impact. It hurts like a bitch since I get hit as well but I had no choice in that situation. Luckily I did enough damage to Alice that the void of darkness disappeared along with the rest that covered the entire galaxy. Apparently, Alice was the one who made all of the darkness and wasn’t natural, making the Dark Galaxy just another regular galaxy.

I walked towards a knocked out and bloodied Alice, taking a good look at her I began to have an idea. Not anything perverted, I’m not that low of a person, but something that I didn’t think of until that moment.

“Maybe I should start my own crew?” I thought to myself, thinking about becoming my own boss of a group.

I thought about it thoroughly, knowing the universe is a big place and if I wanted to stay alive without getting caught in sticky situations then I would need some partners to have my back. Also, making some friends in the universe wouldn’t be so bad either since I still hadn’t experienced having a real friend whom I care about at that time.

Chapter 9: Deal

When I defeated Alice and made up my mind in trying to recruit her, I bring Alice to my spaceship and let her sleep away in my bed since the other rooms were empty. Just in case I placed the cuffs that forced one’s brain to not respond to using any form of power or resistance which are called Sealers.

So I waited around until she woke up which took five hours of me sitting on a chair beside the bed. When Alice awoke she quickly got up being all alerted.

“Sup, how you feeling?” I casually asked her.

“You!” Alice was about to attack me again but realized she had Sealers on. “Bastard! You intend to violate me?” She had eyes of disgust towards me.

“Just chill out for a bit, if I wanted to do anything bad then I would have done it when you were out. I’m not a fucked up person unless you made me go through some intense shit that would make me hate you.” I tell her, mentioning Elisa.

“What do you want then? If you don’t plan to kill me or anything then let me go.” Alice showing no interest in talking to me or being on my ship. Reminding me back when I was in school how girls would always have that look and way of talking like it was a chore to communicate with me.

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to be…. Friends?” I asked awkwardly, not having thought of a more proper way to ask.

“You can’t be serious?” Alice not expecting such a question.

“I am, well, it’s more like comrades? Or crew members? Basically, I need some extra hands who will help me in reaching some goals of mine.” I explained.

“Goals?” Alice wondered.

“The first is to kill the Uruk, after them, I will kill Larvien, and the last one is Elisa who I will personally deal with.” I list them in order.

Alice was about to burst out laughing but turned her head away from me and held it in. When she turned back she had her annoyed expression again.

“So stupid, like you could even pull one of them off. Besides, I have my own things to do at the moment and I can’t afford to waste my time playing friends with you.” Alice coldly declines me.

“Then mind telling me what are those things you are doing?” I asked, not really having anything to do.

Alice sighs in an annoyed way but decides to tell me anyways since she couldn’t do much with the Sealers on.

“I’m trying to take back my home galaxy, the Hoidu galaxy. The ones who took it over are known as Sceyth, another galaxy.” Alice said.

Alice started to explain how both Hoidu and Sceyth went into galactic war years ago. When Hoidu lost, five commanders who were the strongest of Hoidu died beside Alice. Her home planet suffered the same fate as mine because all of her people refused to be ruled by Sceyth. So Sceyth simply killed off all the planets who rebelled, not wanting to waste time dealing with them, in total they cleared up four whole planets of people who opposed Sceyth. Ever since then Alice has been working secretly with all the remaining rebels, giving them weapons she would buy or steal from Dark Markets and invade Sceyth camps to dwindle down their numbers so when a proper time came they would strike. Until then Alice would hide in empty galaxies with her darkness when Sceyth would go on a hard hunt for her.

You might be wondering why Divine is allowing other galaxies to go to war and take over? Well, Divine always gives galaxies or planets who are at the level of space traveling an opportunity to become part of Divine. However, they must comply with certain conditions like being open to migration. Both Sceyth and Hoidu had declined Divine, but that doesn’t mean anything bad. Divine simply accepts the refusal and lets them do their own thing, however, they don’t receive protection nor do they interfere with what they do unless it involves beings marked as criminals from Divine. That or either Hoidu and Sceyth end up attacking a Divine galaxy, army, ship, or anything Divine related including the neutral planets then they will become enemies of Divine.

“So no matter what you won’t join me?” I still ask after hearing her objective.

“That’s right.” Alice quickly replied and took a pause for a moment. “I’ll admit you’re quite an interesting one, in a weird way.” She randomly said as she began to finally settle down and not give me that cold expression. “What’s your name?” She asks.

“Ethan, yours?” I ask back.

“Alice. Can you take these off now, Ethan?” She asked while lifting her cuffed arms.

I decide to remove the Sealers and thankfully she didn’t try anything like attacking me instantly.

“How about this then, if I help you take back Hoidu will you join me then?” I keep insisting on her being part of my starting crew.

“There are plenty of others out in the universe who would gladly join you, I don’t understand why you want to waste your time on me,” Alice said.

“I mean, we have a connection going aren’t we? Plus, your power would benefit me a lot in many situations. Also, it’s not like I’m super busy I got plenty of time to kill.” I explain.

Alice actually thinks about it and doesn’t give me the instant denial.

“Fine, but I’ll only join if you made an actual difference in taking back Hoidu. If your help wasn’t necessary then I won’t bother.” Alice explained her condition.

“So you want me to carry?” I thought about it like it was a video game I played on earth. “Now we’re talking!” I started to get excited, not only because I was getting Alice to join me, but I was also going to test myself on how strong I truly have become by taking on an entire galaxy.

Once we agreed on the deal, we head over to Hoidu secretly with my spaceship going invisible along with the combo of Alice’s Hashin power just in case. We pass by many Sceyth spaceships roaming around painted in red and gray, having flags with the face of Sceyth himself as a symbol which was the ruler.

The planet we transported to was Najm, a very foggy planet filled with city-like buildings, although many of them were destroyed during and after the war. Many of the Najm people who are four-limbs are only given a set amount of food and water from Sceyth since a lot of their resources was also lost. That and they forced them to rebuild the way Sceyth wants it to be built and not how it used to be and those who refused got killed.

“That’s fucked up,” I tell Alice as we walked around the streets, looking at the people living the poor life.

“It’s not just our galaxy, apparently Sceyth does the same to his own people,” Alice explained.

“So dictatorship.” The thought never came to mind of such things.

It sucks that many who have yet to learn about the harsh truth of living in the universe expect fresh new experiences, but unfortunately a lot of it is mostly the same shit one has heard or seen. Not saying it is all bad just don’t expect that the universe is all sunshine and rainbows, if anything it is a balance between bad and good in the universe until a Dark Age happens, then that’s just all bad until the good brings balance back to the scale.

Anyways, Alice took me to some underground base where some rebels hid, looking like a simple hideout I have seen in movies with monitors n such. Many came rushing being joyful that Alice came to visit, a few even had tears rushing down. It is to be expected, Alice was their only hope in having a chance to take back Hoidu on their own.

“This is Ethan, he is an outsider who will help us.” Alice introducing me.

“Yo,” I said and give them that army salute with my right hand.

“An outsider? Why did you bring an outsider to interfere with our galaxy Alice?” Someone named Tark who was the leader of the Najm rebels asked.

“He could be a spy from Sceyth!” One shouts.

Many had their doubts about me right away.

“Let’s just say I’m madly in love with Alice and she is abusing me to do what I want for her,” I explained in a jokingly way.

“Hu?” Tark having a what the fuck look on his face.

“Can you not say anything stupid?” Alice tells me. “We made a deal, if his help was truly needed to take back Hoidu then I would join him in achieving his goals. He managed to defeat me so he is indeed strong.” She explains to the Najm rebels who got took by surprise when Alice said she got defeated by me.

All the Najm rebels look at each other to think it over and decide to have faith and trust in Alice.

They began to explain the situation more clearly to me. Sceyth’s army size used to be 4 billion soldiers not including citizens while Hoidu had 6 billion during the war. Sceyth had a commander rank known as Sceth and apparently there was 20 of them but now there are only four remaining. Like I said earlier Hoidu had five strong commanders of their own but Alice was the last one alive. The results after the war to now is four sceths with 209 million remaining soldiers against me and Alice with our 40 million Hoidu rebel army that was mixed with both soldiers who survived the war and citizens. As you can tell, they have more numbers but luckily it came down to quality and not quantity.

Chapter 10: 100 to Nothing

I really wanted to just get on with fighting the Sceyth, however, Alice made me help in preparing first. Which took around three months of my time, heading out and buying or stealing weapons from low-level Dark Markets. We gave those weapons to Najm, Mazek, Oru, and Gres that were planets with all the rebels. Once we had prepared as much as we could, everyone gathered on Oru, a desert planet.

Gathering around a wide round table that had a screen in the middle showing high-tech maps, we discussed on how exactly the fight will go down. They lay out a map of the main HQ of Sceyth located on the Bire planet.

“The best time to strike is when Sceyth begins his taxation on his own people along with ours. That’s when they send out most of their army away from Bire.” A four-limb being named Fuio who was the leader of the Oru rebels explained.

“How many will there be in Bire during that time?” An eight-limb being named Joijn asked, leader of the Gres rebels.

“Closest we could guess is around 120 million, anything lower would be lucky for us.” Tark replied to Joijn.

“Not only that but we have to consider the four Sceths whom will remain in Bire. A three-limb named Akhla points out, leader of the Mazek rebels.

“Don’t worry about the Sceths, Ethan and I will be the ones to take them on,” Alice says.

All I did was just lay down in the back since planning and whatnot was not something I do.

“Dam, Alice looks fine today.” I thought to myself as I checked her out.

So it took an entire days worth time until they came to an agreement on how to fight. 30 million including me and Alice would head down to Bire and start the fight in order to take it over as quick as possible. The other 10 million would stay behind hidden in wait with the darkness and do a surprise attack on the reinforcements that will come rushing to Bire. This plan was made without knowing how strong I was nor did they consider the strength of Sceyth himself. Although I just wanted to go in guns blazing, I refrained from having the mentality of taking on anyone other than the most wanted, Elisa told me that the universe is a big place and you never know if you encounter someone who is bigger and badder than you are.

We right away set the plan in motion by already heading out as early as possible. Since moving within the darkness of Alice would take a long time. Slipping by all forms of detection and getting near Bire took around two months of my time total. Many grew hungry since we couldn’t really stock up on much food and water but all the rebels held it in for the sake of securing a better future for Hoidu.

It was all going smoothly as we waited and watch the Sceyth spaceships move out to do their taxation. However, I had noticed how oddly the spaceships seemed to circle around slowly or go towards our direction.

“Well shit, I think we might be fucked.” I randomly said in the crowded control room of the spaceship I was on.

Everyone looked at me wondering why I said that and that’s when our plan went from 100 to 0 when a sudden fleet of Sceyth spaceships appeared from behind and began to fire right at the spot we were hiding in.

“They know we’re here!” Someone screamed.

“Someone betrayed us!” Everyone began to go in a panic and looked at me with blaming eyes.

“Don’t look at me, you guys for sure had someone among you who sold out their own people.” I calmly explained.

Since everything was going to shit they didn’t bother to listen and were about to attack me until the ship got blown up. Being sent flying in the middle of space and seeing from a distance everyone getting annihilated one by one, I knew the plan was no more and it would have been a matter of time before everyone but me and Alice would die.

“Alice! I’m going right onto the planet to let loose. There is no way you can save everyone here. All you can do now is at least try and take out the Sceyth ruler.” I spoke on the earpiece, using my power to be able to transfer my voice in the middle of space.

Alice didn’t reply since she was probably angered and sad on how all her people who worked hard in getting a plan and rebellion going to get easily taken out. Not knowing if Alice had listened or let alone was still alive I still continued to do my thing, landing on a destroyed piece of a spaceship and charged my step to jump onto Bire.

When I crash landed, I was greeted by thousands of soldiers right off the bat shooting laser beams, rockets, and all sorts of crap on me.

“Fuck! I can’t move!” The barrage of attacks didn’t really do damage to me but it still had enough force to prevent me from countering.

Unable to move a muscle, I focus my entire Nermuen energy onto my left hand just like I did when I fought Alice, but this time I kept it held for as long as I could until it was completely unstable. When I let it all out I caused a very powerful nuke-like explosion, destroying and killing almost all of the soldiers who were around a six kilometer radius. I injured myself as well but it wasn’t too serious, however, now that I was no longer pinned down I go dashing around at my casual speed killing every Sceyth soldier with ease. Within 10 minutes, I eventually got the attention of the Sceth commanders who came rushing, thinking I was Alice.

“Who the hell are you?” A four-limb man named Eltor who wore strange armor with an electric current circling around him appeared before me, surprised I was someone they haven’t seen before.

“I’m just a human who made a deal to trash your planet,” I replied.

“It doesn’t matter who he is Eltor, leaving this planet alive is no option for him.” A four-limb woman named Vera, wearing a greenish outfit that looked like it was made out of grass.

Two others also surrounded me, one of them was Raqen who was a six-limb wearing robes and had a staff on one hand looking like a wizard. The other was a five-limb with the other limb strangely being another hand on his back like a scorpion tail named Dormug, clad in pure armor with a giant ax equipped.

“Oh dam, shit just got real.” I thought to myself as I get on guard.

I began to take things seriously, waiting for one or all four to make the first move. Eltor was the first to start the show, moving super fast while coated in lightning. Luckily it was a speed my eyes and senses were still able to follow and I counter him with a punch right onto his face the moment he came near me. Sending Eltor flying with that single punch, Vera was the next in line to do something and she uses a technique that surrounds me in a wide and giant pillar of pedals that spin very fast. Dormung who entered from the top comes crashing down trying to slice me with his ax upon landing. When I dodged away and got near those pedals I get severely cut when I made contact with the whirlpool of pedals.

“So they want me to stay close and tango with this bitch?” I easily figure out that strategy.

Charging up a lot of my energy on my fist, I rush towards Dormung who tries landing a swing with his axe and slam me with that third arm but I dodge them like it was no big deal. Getting close I punched his big gut and sent him soaring right through that whirlpool of pedals that literally chopped him to pieces.

“What in the?” Vera having a shocked expression on how strong I was.

Making myself tough enough I crash past that whirlpool without getting cut and dashed towards Vera who couldn’t even keep up with my speed.

“Later bitch,” I tell Vera right to her face and twist her neck.

The training with Elisa actually paid off a lot, I was able to tell the difference between me back when I was still on earth and after. Basically I would have gotten shit on if it wasn’t for the training, although I still didn’t want to get too cocky.

“Alright, you’re next.” I turned around, seeing that Raqen has been watching idly.

Raqen suddenly pointed his staff towards me and shot an insanely quick beam that I couldn’t react, piercing my chest and heart. Feeling real pain from that, my regeneration kicked in on time to heal my heart from lethal damage but since I was injured for that brief moment, Eltor who was still alive but bloodied on the face had came behind and struck me with a lot of lightning that wasn’t regular.

“God! Fuck!” I yelled out on the floor in pain with burns and my clothes torn a bit. “Motherfuckers! Now I’m pissed!” I shouted.

Getting up about to attack, the entire Sceyth fleet was beginning to come around, already having finished off all the rebels.

“Fire!” A voice shouts from a speaker on a spaceship.

All of the ships began to shoot everything they had right in the exact spot I was on and made a giant crater. I was lucky to have trained the Nermuen power the right way, otherwise my regeneration wouldn’t have been enough to survive such an onslaught of attacks. When they stopped firing, I tossed two bombs of stored up energy during the time I was getting bombarded and destroyed most of their fleet with just those two. Raqen and Eltor came back to the front line, knowing their soldiers wouldn’t be enough to kill me let alone hurt me.

“Come on bitches!” I began to feel myself get excited, knowing I was fighting an entire galaxy sized army on my own.

Raqen taps his staff on the ground and a marking appeared underneath me that turned into weird ropes that tied me up while at the same time burning my skin. Eltor tried approaching from behind but I faked that I was bounded by those ropes and catch Eltor’s face when he got in range and slammed the bitch on the ground while crushing that face.

“To think Hoidu had a trump card like you,” Raqen said with a calm look.

“I already said I’m just a human, a human trying to get a hot girl to join my upcoming crew,” I told him as I cracked my neck.

“I assume you are speaking about Alice. I felt her presence near our headquarters a while ago, she seemed to have tried to fight our leader which was a foolish mistake. Someone of her level is going to die like a bug by Sceyth just like you-”

Before he finished I just dashed up to him and pierce through his chest with my right arm, pulling out his heart out of him. Raqen seemed to be aware that he stood no chance and bet it all on Sceyth to finish me.

“Then I better hurry,” I tell a dead Raqen and kick his body off me.

Ignoring the rest of the soldiers whom I easily kill when they got in my way, I rushed towards the headquarters where this Sceyth dude was at.

Chapter 11: The End of a Dictator

After killing the four Sceths along with taking out millions of the soldiers on my own, I headed to the main headquarters of Sceyth which was defended by more useless soldiers and artillery that didn’t have enough power to stop me. You could say I had already done plenty to fulfill my part of the deal, however, it would have been for nothing if Alice had gotten killed.

“Excuse me! Passing through!” I steamrolled through the front gates and crash onto a wall where I faintly sensed Alice.

I arrived at the room which was Sceyth’s very own living quarters. Having four arms which made him a six-limb, big and muscular the dude already had his bottom left arm chopped off by Alice. However, Alice was still defeated as she was hanged from the arm while bloodied. The dude also had a big bed with seven naked women who were forced to please Sceyth and later find out that they were women from Hoidu.

“Wait up bro, I called dibs on that one.” I told Sceyth, knowing he planned to keep Alice to receive some pleasure first before killing her.

Sceyth turned around a bit to look at me and then turned back to Alice like I was nothing important. I get pissed off when he did that and kicked Sceyth right on his gut with all my strength, sending the bitch flying through the entire headquarters. Alice was let go in that instant and on the floor, however, I ignored her for now and went after Sceyth who crashed into a mountain 20 miles away.

“Man, who do you think you are to look down on me when I just took out your four shitters?” I asked as I tried to calm myself from being pissed.

Sceyth casually gets out of the hole he crashed onto, shrugging off the damage I did to him.

“I was being generous to not bother wasting time on an outsider like yourself, but it seems like you don’t value your life.” Sceyth finally spoke as he cleans himself from the rubble.

“You’re right, I have no part in the doings of Sceyth or Hoidu. Thing is though, there’s some girl you just beaten up whom I want to be part of my new nameless crew. In order to do that I gotta kill you fuckers and luckily you guys happen to be douche bags so it is more easier for me.” I explained as I crack my fingers.

Sceyth pops a vain on his forehead, no longer putting up with my attitude. Dashing towards me at a surprising speed, he lands a punch to my gut.

“Guh!” Almost getting thrown away I actually felt that punch even with my Nermuen armor.

We both charged at each other, exchanging blow after blow. Our fight was intense enough that Sceyth soldiers who tried to interfere got killed. Fighting evenly for 20 minutes straight without taking a single break, I was the one who ended up taking more breaths than Sceyth. Since I was beginning to get exhausted my regeneration was no longer fast. Sceyth on the other hand didn’t have regeneration nor did he look as messed up as I did, the dude’s body was naturally tough as hell.

“Fuck, am I going to lose already?” I thought to myself, not expecting to already find an opponent who can keep up with me or more, even though I had already been fighting for quite some time before Sceyth.

“It’s a shame you are so fixated with that woman, I could have used someone of your skill to join me even you aren’t from here. And if you really wanted her for your own then I would allowed you to do what you please with her.” Sceyth said it like he was giving a final offer.

“I’m good, besides, forcing pleasure is not my thing unless it is a female I truly hate.” I replied, mentioning Elisa.

Returning back to fighting, Sceyth was now landing more attacks on me than I was on him. At that rate I was for sure going to lose, however, I actually used my brain and secretly stored a lot of my Nermuen energy onto my right fist, luckily Sceyth didn’t realize how my right fist wasn’t doing much damage since I was concentrating in keeping it stable. When it was ready, I punched his gut with every last ounce of my strength and forced that stored energy to go right inside his body. Exploding Sceyth into pieces, it ends up with my win while covered in a lot of his blood and intestines. I took a lot of damage from that explosion as well, mainly from my right arm with disjointed fingers and broken bones.

“Well shit, how am I going to masturbate now?” I think to myself as I observed my right arm, hoping my regeneration won’t take long to kick in.

I still had the energy to stand and walk until a few hundred Sceyth soldiers came rushing and surrounded me.

“Don’t move!” They shouted.

“Fuck me, I don’t have enough energy to defend myself.” I try to think of a plan since my regeneration wasn’t going to kick in on its usual healing speed anytime soon nor did I have the stamina to emit some Nermuen armor to defend myself.

The soldiers ended up figuring out that I was weak and began to gang up on me to subdue me. I tried fighting back but just a couple of shots to my legs and arms made me helpless. Getting kicked and beaten to a pulp, Alice had arrived in time to save me when a void of darkness enveloped the area and the next thing I knew all the soldiers were killed once the darkness subsided.

“Aye, thanks for the save.” I told Alice as I slowly got up with a fucked up face and had my left hand raised to high five her.

Leaving me hanging, Alice points her molded dark blade at my head.

“You know, I could kill you here and not comply with my end of the deal.” Alice said with an expressionless face.

“Are you?” I asked in a way that dared her to do it.

Alice takes a deep breath and takes a moment to think.

“No, I’ll join your crew as promised.” Alice removes her blade, not having a cold enough heart to do it when she could have easily killed me and taken the credit in taking back Hoidu.

Although she wasn’t going to turn on me, she did knee me on the gut real hard.

“The fuck!” I grovel on the ground in pain.

“Did you think I didn’t hear what you said back there?” Alice talking about when I said I called dibs.

“Well, I’m happy either way.” I said with a smile on my face.

So when we won the battle, well, correction, after I won the fight for Hoidu. Every planet from Hoidu became very happy and cheered that they no longer needed to suffer the abuse from Sceyth. Our work wasn’t finished though, we had to kick out all the Sceyth soldiers that remained in Hoidu out along with taking a lot of resources from Sceyth to be even. Hoidu did have the opportunity to take over the entire Sceyth galaxy but Alice refused and opposed the idea, not wanting bad blood to keep raging on among both the galaxies. In fact, many residents from Sceyth were grateful that we took out Sceyth because the dude did treat his own people like shit. We even helped Sceyth out to pick a more proper ruler who isn’t an ass and the first thing that leader did was called a truce between Hoidu and Sceyth. The next thing he had planned was to change the name since Sceyth was no more.

As for the one who betrayed the rebel army, it ended up being Fuio who had faked that he had a disease and couldn’t go to battle. Fuio was told by Sceyth if he spied within Hoidu and relayed information on rebellions then he promised that he would take care of Hoidu more properly. If he refused or gave false information then Sceyth would have killed Fuio and treat the Hoidu galaxy with more shit than he already did.

I personally would have killed the traitor but they decide to forgive him but not fully. They do punish him since at the end of the day he caused millions of deaths so they put him in a cell where he would stay forever.

Staying and traveling between Sceyth and Hoidu for four months after the fight and things were starting to run smoothly between both galaxies and Alice was ready to join me. Many had wanted Alice to become the ruler of Hoidu and begged her to stay, but Alice didn’t want to break the deal, not only that but she truly wanted to go out and explore more of the universe. It took a long time of constant back and forth talking between Alice and her people, however, eventually they understand her decision and let her go.

Before taking our leave, Alice wanted to stop by her home planet to say her last goodbyes. The planet wasn’t completely destroyed compared to earth since there was still buildings and whatnot where as mines was empty. Going to her old burned down home where she used to live with her mother, Alice goes to her knees in a praying type of stance in front of the house which had flowers surrounded and a burned picture of her mother.

“Alright, I’m going out mother. I won’t come back for a while or I might end up joining you, who knows what will happen in this journey I will take. I just hope you don’t get lonely when I’m gone.” Alice spoke out loud to the house.

Alice quickly turned around from it and walked away. She didn’t want to stay longer since she would have ended up changing her mind about leaving. Before transporting to my ship, I took a final glimpse of the destroyed home that was a grave of her mom. At that moment I began to have that wonder of what is beyond death and many other things about life in general. It was just for a tiny bit though and I transport Alice with me to my spaceship to continue my quest for revenge.