e.s. piteau
Nov 22, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

The chamber she entered felt cold and dark. She felt anxious, but the authoritative voice had told her to proceed.

The voice wasn’t in any known language. It was some type of unconscious silent transmutation, permeating deep in her psyche.

Chills shot up her spine; she felt the need to comply.

Feelings of extreme vulnerability came over her as she imagined what it must have been like to be an ant in one of the ant-farms she got for her seventh birthday.

A large overhead dome opened and closed at its centre, like the shutter of a camera. She felt the God-like iris observe her every move. Scrutinizing her every thought.

The entity had arrived three months prior. A city-block size cube landing from space. It appeared in an instant, witnesses claimed. Smack in the middle of downtown’s largest park. Everyone was mesmerized, they wondered and analyzed its pristine flat black surface. It seemed impenetrable. It had no openings or features to speak of. The army, world governments, united and tried everything. But it just sat ominously in the park.

People were curious. Crowds gathered around it. They talked, yelled at it, many chanted. Some were from news organizations, some from religious groups who claimed it was the second coming, and to others it was the antichrist. But nobody dared touch the surface with their hands.

Unable to establish communication with the object, stress and anticipation levels became intolerable. So the president ordered the surrounding area cleared and the army shot at it with all they had. But it had no effect. They tried everything, except for nuclear missiles. Nuclear wasn’t a plausible option they said. They feared it would have annihilated all life around it. All except the alien structure. A month went by and nothing happened.

Then one day, a pretty young woman in her twenties with long brown hair, came forward through the crowd. She walked towards the object with purpose — transfixed, one steady step in front of the other.

She looked as though she was in a trance, calm and relaxed. Her eyes hardly blinked, but her lips seemed to be mumbling something. Suddenly, she stopped and stood a few feet from the cube. Like she was waiting for it to do something. Silence prevailed as the crowds all watched with anticipation.

Then it happened. A black triangular shape appeared on the wall of the structure in front of her. It looked like a doorway with a deeper shade of black than the rest of the cube. People tried to look through it, but all one could see was blackness. Then, without notice, she casually walked through the shape and entered the cube. A moment later the shape disappeared.

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