Customization within ESC

Afternoon everything,

Over the next couple of weeks we will be touching on customization within ESC and what is being changed.

Currently you can customize quite a bit in terms of styles, there is a panel dedicated to changing the basic colors along with full access to using your own CSS should you wish. Unfortunately this is pretty limited, those colors apply site wide and styling individual widgets was impossible.

Now styling individual widgets is possible as well as changing styles site wide, fancy a background image on a section? No problem.

Customization isn’t limited to themes, styles and colors either, it also covers being able to define SEO settings on pages including meta tags, description, twitter cards and support of the OpenGraph protocol. SEO will be covered in more depth next time as it’s quite a lengthy topic.

While we used to allow just CSS, we intend to allow using SCSS as well as writing your own Javascript, though this won’t probably happen until several months after we launch.

Overall the customization side will be completely redone, allowing you to customize your website faster and simpler.

Join us next week for our review on SEO.

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