More relaxed permissions

Hello everyone!

Our second part of this series is about the permissions system.

Initially I wanted everyone be have fine grained controls to manage every aspect of each module (what are now extensions). However there is confusion on the current interface of how to manage permissions, and with so many, it takes a while especially when you have several groups to manage.

We only had one option, and that was to cut down the amount of permissions. Even if we improved the interface, it would still take a while to go over in what most cases seemed unnecessary permissions. We will be improving this by having a set of basic permissions for administration, for example giving permission to manage settings will also grant access to view, edit and update those settings. Generally if you create something, you will want to ability to update it, whether it be for new information on the topic, or a typo you made.

Extensions will remain the same, they will have their own permissions as those settings revolve around the frontend, using Blogs as an example, you may want users to be able to comment on a Blog, but not post a new Blog.

That wraps it up for permissions, our next topic will be a multi part piece on the theme customization engine.