Our Roadmap till the end of the year

Hello everyone!

As we are about to enter September, our launch month, I thought it is a good time to share our plans for the rest of the year.


Though a final date is yet to be set in stone, we expect this to be launched on the 29th September, so what will this include?

We will have both a free and premium package, the premium package will be $10 per month and this will include priority support, 8 extensions, extra space and a whole bunch more to be announced at launch.

The 8 extensions we will be including at launch will be

  • Blogs
  • Calendar
  • Forums
  • Matches
  • Messaging
  • Squads
  • Streams
  • Advertisements / Sponsors Showcase

Each of the above will be launched in a minimal state, and throughout September & October we will be focusing mainly on improving and refining these.


October will be again mainly dedicated towards improving the above extensions, as well as introducing several new ones. By this time we should also have a larger support base, knowledge base articles and video tutorials to get you started.


November will be improving your experience, there are various aspects of moderating a site that needs improving, but it isn’t so much of a priority as to improving the extensions.

We also have plans to host a CS:GO tournament in or around November, so stay tuned for that.


December will be about taking a review on the last 6 months. Planning what is to come and collecting all the feedback we (hope to) receive, building out another roadmap.

Development wise we will be looking at implementing https://unsplash.com/ into our platform, they provide some fantastic stock art, free to use, great for blogs, articles and pages, should you not wish to create your own.

That sums up what will be happening till the end of the year.

However one question I do want to answer ahead of time is why charge for what is essentially a BETA product?

For the past year I have been running ESC out of pocket, I never wanted to charge for the first iteration of the platform, it wasn’t complete enough, and if I wouldn’t buy it, why should I charge someone else. With version 2 we need the cash to fund development. Esports Creator is now full time for me, the rest of the team is part time, so to push it where we want to get it, we require some sort of funding, I feel that a small fee of $10 for premium is a far cost. We intend to raise the price next year, however all subscriptions will be grandfathered, so if you subscribe at a certain price, that will be your price forever, unless you cancelled the subscription in which case it would start at the new price.

As far as features go, our platform has the following, not limited to:

  • SSL, nowadays SSL is mandatory for any time, we provide this free of charge
  • Users
  • Registration through social platforms, Steam, Facebook and Twitter
  • User Control Panel in which they can change their password and email, they also have the option to add their own avatar which will display on extensions such as forums.
  • Groups
  • Slideshows
  • Page Builder
  • Themes
  • Extensions
  • We allow custom CSS, with intentions to support SCSS and LESS for those of you that are a bit more savvy.

We want to provide you with everything required to build your own website. All the widgets and styling you need. Both plans come with our page builder which allows you to build fluent pages and customize them.


You may have realized that we will be separating out our plans from extensions, our premium plan will include all 8 of our modules, whereas our free plan will include none. We will our page builder will be sufficient to build your site, you will be able to purchase extensions on the free plan early next year.

So why separate them, why not just have all the extensions under the premium plan?

We don’t intend to only have 8 extensions, when we build out to over 50 extensions, we would have to increase the price as more extensions are introduced. With our system you will be able to purchase just the ones you need, sometimes you don’t need all the extensions provided, so why waste your money? Overall it gives us more flexibility and you more freedom to cut your costs. We can also go all out on extensions, build them as big as we want, then just charge a small, $1.99 a month fee for it, without ever having to worry about the cost of a premium plan.

Premium Plan

So we’ve covered what will be in the free plan, but what exactly do you get when you pay for premium?

Branding free, no linkbacks in the footer to Esports Creator, brand it as your own. Priority support, jump the queue with support and get a guaranteed response within 2 hours during business hours. More storage space, 50mb might not cut it for you, so upgrade to 5GB so you can store those bigger files. You also get access to 8 extensions right off the bat, with more to come in the future.

I hope this has provided you with a little more insight into what is to what, what our next version will be like and what we are doing now.