Dear Life…

Dear Life, as I sit here feeling anxious working on trust, in work and in my personal relationships, I want to Thank You for this incredible opportunity to learn and grow. These last few months have not been easy. I have been challenged in learning who and how I am dating, challenged growing my my company team and delegating, challenged with my health.

I’ve had to truly reflect on my strengths and my weaknesses. I embrace taking ownership of where I’ve faltered and am so grateful you gave me the opportunity to find the clarity I needed to do so.

Being a female founder it’s hard to let go and trust that the wonderful people I have attracted into my life really do have everything covered. And trust that if something does get missed on a fluke it’s not the end of the world. Trust that when my Guy says “I miss you” he means it.

I recognize that I have a long road ahead to heal the pain from my past in order to continue building my confidence feeling secure. I now recognize that because I’ve had companies fail and men hurt me I have been operating from a place of fear and insecurity. By recognizing these truths, you’ve given me power. I now have the insight I need to tweak and readjust with a stronger clear mindset that defaults to a positive outlook rather than an unknowingly protective one.

I’ve made a list to help me during times like these when my heart is beating fast and my breath is short, afraid my cards will fall as I relinquish control and trust in those who surround me. My list is to be in nature, meditate, to sit in the discomfort and let it flow through me. That discomfort doesn’t have to mean anything bad will happen, it’s existed to serve me, to protect me, but I can now let it pass because I will be fine. I no longer need a shield. I am strong, able, and have the ability to persevere. I’ve already proven that to myself time and time again.

So Dear Life, with all my heart and sincerity, Thank You, for showing me a pathway to a more fulfilling life of trust, love and prosperity.