How to Become a Fulltime Artist

Blake Jamieson and Matt Webster from #90DaystoMOMA

If you’re reading this you probably want to be an artist. It’s not an easy road… going after your dream is scary. Not knowing what will happen, that you could fall flat on your face. But if you don’t take those initial steps forward how will you ever know if it could have all worked out. That’s just what tech entrepreneur turned full time stencil artist Blake Jamieson did.

To catapult into his new life being an artist, Blake found a stranger on Craiglist, an Ex Pre-Med student turned filmmaker named Matt Webster. He invited Matt to move in with him and his family! for 90 days in order to capture every moment of trying to get his art into the iconic San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). SFMOMA is home to legends like Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh. Their project is called “#90DaystoMOMA”.

In order to achieve his goal Blake took risk after risk from quitting his lucrative career in tech, commiting himself to making a living from spray cans and rebranding all his social presence to communicate “I am an Artist”. Nothing more, nothing less. His past working for behemoth companies like Zynga (makers of Farmville) no longer mattered, only his art did. And that’s why he took a final risk during his 90 day journey by orchestrating a flashmob of his art in the museum, potentially ruining his chances of ever officially getting into SFMOMA. Technically he can now say, “I got my art into SFMOMA”. He says art is about pushing boundaries and from his point of view, challenging constructs of social norms was art in itself.

Throughout his 90 day journey, which concluded just this week, he discovered who he is as an artist, how to improve his technique and how his art positively impacts the lives of others. He even got to meet some of his idols like the politically charged master of street art Shepard Fairey.

What you’ll experience watching his and Matt’s documentary 90DaystoMOMA is not only how to step outside your comfort zone and believe in the impossible, but you’ll witness the magic created and connections made by just taking steps forward toward your dream. You’ll discover the best tools from which brands of spray paint to use to various canvas options. You’ll learn stenciling, silk screening and how to market your art. You’ll watch him go from having his first art show to selling his first 10 pieces at $500 each. You’ll finish the series feeling motivated, inspired and that anything is possible as long as you Stay Awesome.

Connect with Blake on Twitter here.

Below is a video from the series demonstrating art technique as Blake creates a portrait of Shepard Fairey.

And this Willie Nelson episode is my favorite video from the series… the camera work, editing and music remind me of the incredible film “Requiem for a Dream”.