Amazon’s customer service backdoor

Weird, I didn’t contact Amazon support?
“That’s all I needed”.
Using the address they got the last time from Amazon..
Again?! For fucks sake.
Yeah, that totally looks legit.
  • NEVER DO CUSTOMER SUPPORT UNLESS THE USER CAN LOG IN TO THEIR ACCOUNT. The only exception to this, would be if the user forgot the password, and there should be a very strict policy. The problem is, 9999 times out of 10000 support requests are legitimate, agents get trained to assume they’re legitimate. But in the 1 case they’re not, you can completely fuck someone over.
  • Show support agents the ip address of the person connecting. Is it a usual one? Is it a VPN/tor one? etc. Give them a warning to be suspicious.
  • Email services should allow me to easily create lots of aliases. Right now the best defense against social engineering seems to be my fastmail account which allows me to create 1 email address alias per service. This makes it incredibly difficult for an attacker when they can’t even figure out your email.
  • Please make whois protection default. Mine leaked because a stupid domain I didn’t care about had its namecheap whois protection expire




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