Writing an Introduction That Captivates Your Readers

An excellent introduction is required if you want to score highly in your essay assignments. Just like first impressions are essential in many situations, the introduction can make or break your writing. Remember that the intro should tell the reader what you are writing about in a way that encourages him or her to continue reading our work. The key to a great introductory paragraph is being able to capture the interest of your readers.

Professional essay writers use three techniques to make their introductions captivating. These include:

1. Including a historical review

2. Adding an anecdote in the introduction

3. Creating a surprising statement

4. Incorporating a famous person

5. Giving a declarative

Historical Review

The best essay writing services online which you can find at Essay Guard will put lots of effort into the creation of an impressive introduction, and so should you. At times, it is better to go back in time and address a certain topic from a historical perspective. This may give the reader better insight on the subject and lead them on into the discussion that follows. Therefore, if possible make an attempt of reviewing the history of the essay topic before getting into the nitty-gritty of writing. If, for instance, your essay topic is about drugs, you write briefly about interesting historical aspects of drug abuse in your state. Be sure to keep the historical review short.


Your readers most likely love stories. An anecdotal takes the form of a short story. Your introduction could, therefore, include a short story that leads the reader into the topic. You do not have to go all the way to create a full-blown story with characters, settings, and complicated plots. You only have to create a small, but potent story that is relevant to your essay. When creatively executed, an anecdote is a powerful, captivating tool that quickly draws in readers. Remember the story is only a small part of the introduction; it should neither take up the whole paper nor should it dominate the introduction.

A Surprising Statement

Professional writers use striking statements as bait for readers. This is strategically placed at the beginning of the introduction in a way that it surprises the reader. There’s no limit to ingenuity here; you can conjure up a surprising statement that is joyful, shocking, unusual or even profane and disgusting. Nevertheless, you must be careful to fine tune this statement so that it does not offend the reader.

Famous Person

People are easily drawn to celebrities. Having the name of a famous individual in the introduction will be an efficient way of grabbing the attention of the reader. You can link them to something they said or did that is directly related to what you are writing about. The celebrity in question does not even have to be alive. As long as he or she is well-known, and probably well liked, you can add him or her to your introduction.


If you’re working on a topic that you are sure is interesting to the reader, you may go ahead and straightforwardly declare what your paper is about. You should tweak your writing skills to make it inviting and worth reading. Students, as well as professionals, can utilize declarative writing.