The purest form of progress may indeed be truth. What proceeds will be my first attempt at stumbling through my thoughts, the things I’ve learned and been able to grow from in my short 23 years. I lack wisdom, but not for fear of failing, rather for a lack of time spent and experiences had — I’m sure they will come, and with them a better understanding of progress and more importantly, truth.

The world is now filled with clichés, overburdened with tidbits of inspiration which lack depth or purity. Falling upon one may provide a brief sense of validation, but will not bear the essential fruit necessary for progress. Ambition is self-driven, self-motivated, and adapted from a sense of survival which runs through us. The definition of survival may change with the person, yet the urgency of it does not. And unfortunately, our most fierce internal battle has not become that of survival itself, but instead coping with two conflicting senses: the path of survival portrayed by society, and the path which we personally value.

Now some may choose to switch survival with success, but they are not the same and should not be thought of the same. Success is a feeling of achievement you are gratified with upon coming closer to survival. Success is fleeting, as survival is never achieved. A feeling of a success is a gentle reminder that we are on the path to survival — and that success which is most fulfilling is those we experience when we are on the path of survival which is ours and ours alone.

This knowledge stems from a story of love, as do most great truths and inspirations. And as most stories of love go, it is also a story of pain. This is nothing new, nor profound, yet it is the first in these 23 years of mine and therefore has allowed me to draw some of my first truly personal conclusions.

Truth is not something which is equal, nor is it something which people see through the same lens. Truth is different for one than it is for the other. It is shifted by perspective, twisted by experience, and hardened by emotion. There is an unseen timeline, unknown emotions and unspoken thoughts which all shape the truth. Yet no person’s truth is more pure than anothers’, and the desperation to prove truth is all but fleeting. It was once said that truth is self-evident, it need not be explained, and it is just now that I’ve grasped what these exquisite words express — yes, truth is bound by fact, yet it also deeply personal and encapsulated by one’s own interpretation. And progress can only be achieved by finding personal truth. Otherwise, the ability to follow your path of survival is burdened and hampered by convincing others of a truth which they cannot see.

The obsession to prove truth does not fulfill, nor does it heal. It drags, festers, harbors animosity, and prevents forgiveness. The only person which truth can be proven to is yourself — and this is only achieved by living your truth. Only when every day is spent living a truth which resonates with the person who holds it, can survival be chased. Therefore, the purest form of progress — the pursuit of one’s own sense of survival — is truth. And only when it is recognized with a full heart and deep respect, can it be understood. Truth is not unjust, it is not unfair, it does not judge nor does it blame. It is exactly what it is, true.

To finding your truth — salud.

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