Chapter 12 Questions

1. What did freedom mean to ex-slaves? How did their priorities differ from those of African Americans who had been free before the Civil War?

Freedom meant celebration for being free. To former slave freedom meant that they would no longer be separated with their loved ones thus would stay together. Thus that were received freedom for the first time freedom meant that women would no longer be sexually abused. Freedom meant free movement without requesting permission. Freedom meant paid labor. Freedom meant right to own land, cultivate and live on the land. Freedom meant right to…


A working nation is a growing nation. As such, a country’s employees continue to play a significant role in the development of their state. This means that countries need to put in measures that protect and safeguard the rights of the employees.

Business people joining hands in solidarity

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 is among the laws that have been enacted by the US Congress to ensure that employees get value for their job and not exploited. This paper discusses the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. …

Institution: University of Southern Indian

Subject: AR115 Introduction to the Visual Art


This project will require you to visit a museum or gallery, pick out one work, and respond to its formal, contextual, and conceptual characteristics. You will choose the work from those at the Evansville Museum. The minimum 1200 word paper will be submitted to, should include some information about the physical characteristics of the work that can only be observed first-hand. Make sure that the paper has a cover page, uses citations of source material, and has an associated bibliography. …

While nobody will tell you this you probably do not need to go digging with a shovel to be seen as hardworking. Writing is a process, and not an event all you need is to read critically, organize your thoughts, write the final draft and reflect on what you have written. If you are observant, you must have noticed that I omitted write draft and revise it well it because majority never do this they reflect on the final paper while polishing it at the same time. …

Just like the fascinating story of the game of thrones told from fanatics point of view, new writers are enticed to join medium in the hope that someone will notice they mastery writing skills. But once there, you are welcomed with a shocking, rude reality of a society that thrives in holding back potentials. Having accumulated years of experience in writing, at medium, it does not matter nobody knows you so who cares? Who will read the writings of a nobody?
Wait a minute isn’t this platform meant to be a community where writers can express their ideas? Did I…

Have you ever sat and wondered why the hate against blacks is so intense that kids born years after slavery still loathe, hate, undermine and feel superior to blacks? Well, its because the white people have been taught from an early age that black people should be contained. Of course, some readers might disagree and say that America champions for equal rights. The bitter truth is that only a small section of blacks gets to enjoy these rights as the majority live in segregation of a black neighborhood. …

Millions of Americans are under intense pressure to balance work, school and family responsibilities. The feeling of overwork is rampant, with nearly half of employees feeling overworked or overwhelmed by their workplace responsibilities. @ we offer researchers, student and teachers an opportunity to narrow down their research to specific content and sources.

depressed student

We research on your topic from all angles and give you summarized information. Meaning you do not have to strain to look all over the internet for “Theorizing crisis communication” we simply find it for you and lets you know what it says. We understand that this…

Why as a student you need to stop arguing politics on social media

unhealthy politics

At this point a sober mind is what you need engaging politics is toxic, unhealthy and unhelpful to you as a student. Have you ever counted how many hours you spend responding to comments and arguing with friends over a political matter? Do you feel offended when you do not get a positive feedback to your post? Have you lost friends because of their ideologies? Winning or not winning political arguments is all driven by desire to satisfy egos. Ironically one may become an online bully or be bullied online when engaging in these unhealthy debates. This is because most people aim to intellectually humiliate opponents or make them look dumb. So, before you click that button to post an attack think twice.

Most academic papers and scientific paper needs an abstract. Abstract are short 150–250 words short summaries used by your reader as an overview and are written after the entire work is completed. Abstract identifies the purpose, problem, methods, results, and conclusion of your work. This means that an abstract need to express your thesis that is the central idea and contain key words that refer to content and methods which makes it easier to access the abstract during computer search.


This paper analyzes how novices and experts can safely adapt and transfer their skills to new technology in the…

Everyone (especially celebs)has heard of essaywritingpool helping and essay writing services, especially if you are a stressed-out college student. You may even be thinking of using one of these services yourself. After all, there are a ton of benefits to outsourcing complicated projects to those more experienced and better equipped to tackle them. Fears of being academically compromised or personal guilt over using these services instead of doing the work on your own are common and perfectly reasonable. However, there are a ton of legitimate reasons for college students to turn to online providers for help.

Personal Issues

Mental health and personal…


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