By : Ivan Zvonkov, ESSCO President 2018–2019

After a busy, exciting, and rewarding year, the members of the 2018–2019 ESSCO team have officially wrapped up their term. It’s now time for the incoming 2019–2020 team to take over and execute on ESSCO’s mission and vision. But before we move the spotlight to the new team, I want to take the time to reflect on some of the great work done by our team over the past year.

Our team, along with the ESSCO council, put in a tremendous amount of work in formalizing ESSCO’s advocacy initiatives. We worked closely with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) to release a joint advocacy report on engineering tuition, coop, and job prospects. The report was adopted by the ESSCO council earlier this spring (for ESSCO this is the first such report of its kind). Since then, the recommendations to government and universities found in the report, have been communicated to students, MPPs, and the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineerings (CODE) with great success. …

By : Nonso Moneme, University Of Waterloo Engineering

Last month, for National Engineering Month, the University of Waterloo’s Engineering Society B was lucky enough to participate in a Food Drive organized by ESSCO in association with FeedON. The idea was to collect as much food and as many monetary donations as possible and try to collect more than all the other participating engineering schools. To accomplish this, our EngSoc decided to combine the Food Drive with another initiative within the Region of Waterloo called Canstruction.

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Waterloo B Society Food Drive

The Canstruction competition is one that UWaterloo’s Engineering Society has been involved with for a number of years now, and 2019 was no different. Months of deliberation, planning, and budgeting culminated in the construction of a quaint Pac-Man scene laid out on a field designed to look like a PCB. The spirit of the design was that sometimes we feel like we’re trapped in this game of life, particularly when faced with obstacles like hunger, but through co-operation, especially as our world becomes more connected through technology, we can end hunger for more (and eventually all) people. …

By : Nick Aubry, McMaster Engineering

March 16th, 2019 marked the 5th and last time I was a part of the Ontario Engineering Hockey tournament, and I can’t help but look back and appreciate the fact that this existed. Going back to 2nd year, in March there was this tournament that I looked forward to before the exam grind started and the school year ended. Every year, ~15 other engineering students from McMaster and I would organize a team and travel to one University or another to play some hockey during the day and have some fun during the night.

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McMaster Engineering Hockey Team 2019

Throughout this time, I’ve won the tournament a couple of times, but that’s secondary to the friendships and connections I’ve made with my teammates — and those I played against. Having an organized tournament allowed me to meet people who love the game as much as I do but wouldn’t have met since they might have been in a different year, program, or university. …

By : Julian Faita, ESSCO VP Communications

From February 1st — 3rd 2019, ESSCO hosted the 2019 First Year Integration Conference (FYIC) at Laurentian University in Sudbury Ontario (Chairs: Joel & Moe, Laurentian University 4th Year). The conference consisted of an insightful first year stream of sessions to develop professional skills, network, and introduce incoming students to engineering. There was another stream of sessions for the Ontario schools’ Vice President Externals where motions were written, and various imposing topics were discussed in regards to engineering in Ontario.

As a potential Co-Chair for the upcoming 2019 First Year Integration Conference, with Santiago Vera (ESSCO VP Finance & Administration), I learned a lot and will definitely mimic some of the insightful programming that this year’s conference had for its attendees. …

By : Keith Onderisin & Thomas Siuda, McMaster Engineering

From January 18th to January 20th, we welcomed approximately 300 engineering students from across Ontario to Hamilton and McMaster University for the annual Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC). The OEC is a long standing tradition within the province dating back to 1980, originally organized by Queen’s University to foster the creativity of engineering students in 3 distinct categories. …

By : Alan Limoges, University Of Windsor (4th Year Mechanical Engineering)

Last week, the University of Windsor had the pleasure of attending this year’s Professional Engineers of Ontario Student Conference [], hosted by the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology. Located near downtown Oshawa, UOIT boasts many brand new facilities and state-of-the-art engineering labs. As such, it is a great venue to host engineering students from all across Ontario. Personally, this was the first engineering conference that I’ve attended and this post will tell you why I’m glad I applied!

PEO-SC 2018 was focused around career development and the impact of engineering on society, as well as our role as engineering students to shape a future in which engineering remains at the forefront of innovation and inclusivity. The weekend was packed full of sessions discussing topics from the P.Eng licensing process to entrepreneurship, hosted by professionals from industry. My favourite presentation was “”, by Jake Lipohar. A recent graduate, Jake talked about the transition from student to full-time member of the workforce, as well as the challenges of balancing finances, community involvement, and moving to a new city as he did after graduation. Being in my fourth year of engineering here at UWindsor, this presentation hit home and provided great insight into what to expect and how I can mitigate some downsides of life as a post-grad. As a whole, this conference highlighted the importance of planning and being prepared for the careers that await us after graduation. …

By : Marianne Lee, University Of Ottawa ESS/AÉG Vice-President External

This past October 10th, several University of Ottawa and other Ontario school delegates, as well as myself, had the opportunity to attend the 16th Annual Claudette Mackay-Lassonde Fall Forum, presented by OSPE’s Women in Engineering Advocacy Champions Task Force (WE ACT). It was a day-long conference aimed at tackling the lens in which female engineers live each day. …



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