A Home of Her Own

I’ve been watching a lot of TV dramas from India and Pakistan, and I was struck by something.

A growing up girl is considered to not really belong in her parents’ home. Her ‘real’ home is going to be that of her husband’s (or his parents).

But — when a woman has been married off and sent to her ‘real’ home and has any kind of trouble with her husband or in-laws, then she is threatened with expulsion from the household, she is told that she might be sent back to her parents’ home (which, as I mentioned above, is not really considered her proper home).

So it turns out that a woman doesn’t really have a home at all, not with her parents, not with her husband. She does not truly have a place which she can call her home, where nobody will order her to leave just because they don’t like her, or because she is considered a burden.

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