5 Huge Botox Myths Busted

What do we know about Botox?

We know that it helps to reduce those wrinkles and fine lines. It lets us reclaim our youth and enjoy beauty for a few more years. However, we all have our misconceptions when it comes to this treatment. Go to any Botox clinic in Glasgow and it will not take you long to hear each of the five following myths among uninitiated patrons,which we are about to bust.

1. When the Lines Appear

Some people believe Botox is for when your skin starts to deteriorate. This only makes it harder for Botox to work in the way you want. When the lines appear is the wrong time to look at Botox. More and more people are being advised to consider Botox as a preventative treatment. That way it will take many more years before the first signs of wrinkles start to appear.

2. Botox for Life

You do not have to receive Botox treatments for life. Many people believe that if you stop getting Botox treatments your wrinkles will get worse than before. This is not the case. What will happen is your skin will resume its normal aging process. Your wrinkles will end up in the same way as before.

Do not let fear put you off if you believe Botox is not right for you in the long-term.

3. Any Age is Suitable

Botox is not needed if you are as young as, say, eighteen. Yes, Botox is great at preventing wrinkles, but at a young age,it is simply not necessary. Practically nobody who is still a teenager will have to contend with wrinkles yet. You lose nothing by waiting for a few years. Do not obsess over the need for Botox.

4. Botox is for Wrinkles Only

That is where you are wrong. Botox is so much more than a cosmetic treatment. What you may not have realised is Botox has a soothing effect on the body. It can be used to block sweat glands, to prevent excessive sweating. It can reduce tension in and around the head, thus stopping migraines. It can even come in handy for treating depression.

Furthermore, Botox is not just a cosmetic treatment for women. Look at any Botox clinic in Glasgow and it will not take you long to find a long list of men preparing to undergo this treatment.

5. Botox is Beneficial for Men

Let us expand on that point about for men. There is a reason why Botox is sometimes referred to as ‘Bro-tox’. These men are not the stereotypes that are probably rushing into your head. They are not obsessed with grooming and they are not gay, nor are they being pushed into it by their wives and girlfriends. Eliminate all these stereotypes.

There are more men than ever before receiving Botox to soften lines and wrinkles. This takes away the harsh look many men suffer from. It is a perfect counter to looking permanently angry as you get older. Do not underestimate just what Botox can do for your look. It can transform your life no matter how young or old you are.

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