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Building a private NPM registry can seem like a daunting task but when broken down into smaller chunks it all becomes easier to understand.

Link to the GitHub repository if you just want to explore the code yourself.


  • Verdaccio

The Config

Verdaccio lets you get up and running fairly quickly but it would benefit you more to run it using a config file that allows us to modify the default behaviour. This will allow us to enable plugins and extend features such as authentication.

WARNING!! Do not panic, let’s work through this together.

  • Storage

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During a team meeting this week, I was given the task to see if we could bundle and serve our static react code inside of a Go server and produce a single binary that would be placed inside a docker container and can be run at any point to serve our site.

  • Link to the Github repository if you just want to have a look at structure.


  • Go

Folder Structure

Esslam Ben Ramadan

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