Earl Simmons was forever a night away from salvation. That is why he belongs to Black people exclusively.

Source: Bossip.

Thanks for commenting on my work. I hope you give me a follow so you can keep up more with the project that is Established in 1865- of exploring Black personhood.

I wanted to write a bit about your point here:

“But I’m pretty confused about this whole ‘claiming the essence’ and claiming dead Black men. Mixed race over here, maybe that’s a part of my confusion. Just seems so off to me though, that in the midst of grieving there is a complaint about who gets to claim who. Who is actually doing this claiming? …

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A meditation on Earl Simmons, and how white supremacy claims the Black men it rejected in life.

If you were behaving sanely in this pandemic, you were at home when DMX passed.

Source: Pitchfork.

Twitter told me he died last Friday. I was sleep-deprived, wine thirsty, and tobacco hungry; I had just finished a difficult virtual conversation at work with a new team member and was prepping for a client meeting — after being up most of the night with my baby son — when the RIP DMX hashtags began flooding my feed. I had to maintain my composure. I mentally sent out a prayer that Earl Simmons was at peace before entering a meeting where I had to…

What would Batman do to Eric Gardner? 82 years after his creation, we don’t know — which is at the root of a coming reckoning for Bruce Wayne.

Tim Fox, the Batman of DC Comic’s “Future State” initiative. Source: Comic Book.

I do not know anyone who aspires to be a simple henchman.

Casey Lawrence of Twitter fame imagines how the lowest members of a criminal organization would fair in Gotham, one of fiction’s most crime-ridden cities. How would low-level criminals react to the news, say, of Barbara Gordon being shot by the Joker, the plotline from the seminal Batman story “The Killing Joke?”

The video made me laugh and had me looking…

White people are litigious, and thus express their paranoid fear of Black people through the laws that allow them to kill us.

The last fight I got into where I opted to stand my ground was when I told a dude in high school weightlifting class that he had breast cancer because he had big titties.

He was an acquaintance who was roasting me in front of a girl I was crushing on. I was short and skinny, with acne scars making my brown face look like a leopard; all I had then was my humor. After maxing out on a bench press machine and complaining how much my chest hurt to my potential beau, dude came over and started checking me…

How do Black folk live and love in the West, a civilization that did not have us loving each other in mind when it created itself through the Triangle Trade and slavery? Sade’s time in Jamaica and beyond shows how she tries to answer this question.

On a muggy summer evening in Jamaica, 1997 — between her albums Love Deluxe and Lover’s Rock — police in Kingston arrested Sade and her lover.

Sade and Jamaican reggae producer Bob Morgan were driving that night when police attempted to stop them. Sade chose to speed up and try to evade them instead. Eventually, they stopped and were arrested. Sade then allegedly cursed out the arresting officers. She soon absconded the nation and did not show up to any court dates. In 1998, the Jamaican government issued an arrest warrant for Sade, which remained in effect until 2002.


Black writers — we live in an age where social science has caught up with our folklore.

I published a recent story in GEN that presented an audacious thesis — that Blackness will turn Arkansas blue, a state that passed a spate of recent laws designed to communicate its allegiance to the Republican culture war.

Despite Governor Asa Hutchinson’s attempts to cater to the toxic masculinity that is a defining behavior of white supremacy (the transgender athlete ban, another law banning gender affirming care for trans children, a “medical providers’ conscience bill” that allows the state’s healers not to treat those they deem irredeemable, and changing the law’s stand your ground law to encourage, one day, this…

The state’s recent legislative session shows how deeply Republicans fear Black voters will once again turn Arkansas blue

Voters arrive to be checked in at McGee Community Center in Conway, Arkansas, 2016. Photo: Michael B. Thomas/AFP/Getty Images

Once upon a time, the Arkansas state government was a solid blue oasis in the South. In 2006, Democrat Mike Beebe ran the state as governor while his party swept both chambers of the statehouse, as they had during every election since Reconstruction. Arkansas Democrats also controlled both seats in the U.S. Senate and held one of the state’s four congressional seats. Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, further raising hopes the state might continue to have a Democratic future. At the time, I was teaching in a rural Arkansas school in Helena, a majority Black town. My school…

It was a year of loss, but that’s not the only thing he’ll learn

Photo: Unsplash

In March 2020, my wife and I went on our last date outside the house. Here’s the story I want to tell my son about that night and all that happened during his first year of life.

Your mother and I hit up Samantha’s Tap Room in Little Rock’s River Market District and feasted on a quail appetizer, steak, and pasta. We’d been watching the news and realized this could be our last time enjoying dining out because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s the dating activity we enjoyed most.

I sipped wine and tried to savor this last night together…

The deep inward and outward silence Apple and Facebook display toward Blackness hints at the fate they feel awaits my people.

Source: Fortune.

According to the tech world, Tim Cook has declared war on Facebook.

In a recent GQ interview, the Apple CEO came out against the “Data Industrial Complex.” “Too many people are just tracking [without our consent], and people either are not aware of it, or they’re not aware of the extent of it,” Cook argues. “And so what we’re trying to do is sort of bring it back to people, and give people the power, give people the choice.”

Cook is steering Apple toward giving its customers greater control over privacy and data for philosophical and political reasons. “We’re getting…

Though no one can outrun the Earth, white people try. A meditation on history, homeownership, and ice.

Emerald Mountain is, in fact, a hill. But the elevation homeowners get from driving up the road into the subdivision gives us a full view of the Little Rock skyline some ten miles away; it might as well be a mountain. In nearly all seasons, verdant trees and fields surround us. But today was the day of snow the likes us Arkansans have not seen in years.

The afternoon after the snow hit, I decided to descend Emerald Mountain for wine and supplies. Like a fool, I underestimated the severe weather. Snow is rare in Arkansas, and the last few…

Hal H. Harris

I write for me and us, not y’all. The founder of Established in 1865, a platform dedicated to exploring Black personhood. I Tweet @Established1865. #weoc

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