And, hey, I'm not here to stop them.
Juan A. Prieto

Alright dude, if that’s what you want, that’s fine. I just don’t appreciate how condescending the tone of your piece was towards those that don’t share your views. No, what you talked about never “escaped” me, I just rejected such views and so-called “liberation.” I did “realize” that my stake in this country won’t be fully realized and was always in a precarious position, but that never led me to embrace your politics. Despite its flaws I found something worthwhile here. So it’s annoying and endlessly frustrating to see pieces such as yours that dismiss my own choices and realities because they aren’t “liberating” enough and for my own victories to be seen as crumbs. It’s disenfranchising beyond belief and as I pointed out before, there’s this tone that those that don’t agree are selfish or short-sighted. And that’s what I rail against. I don’t mind your cause, but I do mind your language and tone.

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