A [Tough] Love Letter to DREAMers
Juan A. Prieto

Look man, not everyone who comes to this country without papers is looking to dismantle the system or even thinks it an appropriate course of action. When I moved here to the U.S., I wanted to become as integrated as possible to the new place I now called home. My goal has never been to destroy the society I have come to love and establish my life in. To demand of others to adhere to your beliefs and ideals as the “greater” or “better” goal is quite frankly very offensive. We don’t all like or even care about radical politics such as yours and it certainly isn’t tough love to try to be pressured into such extreme propositions, it’s just being out of touch with how undocumented people are not a grand, hegemonic group that should try to challenge every facet of American life. I personally detest identity politics which you so thoroughly embrace, but I understand why you stand by such principles. It would do you well to understand why some of us are quite happy assimilating to the country we came to and reject your own ideals.

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