Perhaps its time we become condescending towards people who seemed to be only fighting for…
Juan A. Prieto

Nah, I don’t feel inadequate because of what you wrote. Don’t give in to any self-aggrandizement that your words had any effect on me other than to make me roll my eyes. Quite frankly, I find your brand of politics to be so far detached from reality, I don’t take it seriously, though I did respond in earnest with my first reply. But by all means, keep being condescending. See how far that gets your cause. I’m sure people will be brimming with enthusiasm about your ideas that are apparently meant to make others feel inadequate and like they aren’t doing enough. At any rate, it’s evident nothing productive will come from this, as you have come to that point where you think being condescending of others is a valid, worthwhile option rather than identifying it as the arrogance that it is. And come on, I’m not buying that. When was the last time “honey” was a thing anyone said to a stranger? It’s clearly a condescending word and one that definitely has a lot of roots in sexist language. I don’t believe you when you say you were unaware of that, I just think you don’t want to own to it.

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