Why More Doctors Should Use Snapchat

I was checking out at my doctor’s office last week, and the front desk receptionist asked if I wanted to live to be a 100. Odd question, but since I’m semi-concerned with my health, I said “sure.” The front desk then went on to tell me about a workshop in the office where I’m sure I would’ve learned the secrets to life. I’m sure it would have been a ploy to sell me some vitamins or something like that. While I understand the need for doctors to do that with declining reimbursements and yet another transformation in healthcare (MACRA), more and more doctors are trying to survive rather than thrive.

But I’m here to say, “It’s not working.” If you really care about my health and you want your business to flourish, then come at patients using Snapchat!

If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist! — Gary Vaynerchuck

Snapchat is an incredibly popular messaging app that allows content to be delivered in a brief yet concise way. Messages can disappear after only one viewing or they can be added to a story. A story lives on for an eternity of 24 hours. For practices to really take advantage of Snapchat, using a story is the way to go. Below are a few ideas on how to use Snapchat in your office.

Use Snapchat to drive patients to your upcoming seminar or workshop

With Snapchat you have the ability to create short videos. These videos force you to articulate the value of the seminar or workshop in very short amount of time. Stringing together a few videos could allow you to explain in more detail the reason for the event. Just try to keep it to 2–3 videos max.

New Services

Want to promote your line of supplements? Snapchat is an easy way to explain to your patients why your offering these services and what’s the benefit of them.

A cool feature within Snapchat is the chat function within a particular snap. You may ask a question to your patients such as which services would they like to see in office. Your audience can send you a message within the snap responding to the question giving you real feedback.

What’s going around?

As a father of three small kids, I have a good sense of what sickness maybe going around in the community, but not everyone is as plugged in. Are you seeing more and more patients with the Flu this season? Tell your patients and remind them to come into your office for a flu shot!

As a patient, I really believe my doctors care for me. Why else would they want me to live to be a 100? Sooner rather than later, I encourage more doctors to embrace the Snapchat platform and use it as a way to connect with patients and help their business thrive.