Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers and distributors have always faced intense price pressure and challenges in meeting end customers requirements. Global competition, shorter product life cycles and challenge to grow means to have a systematic structure for warehousing these products .larger companies outsource warehousing of these products at various locations and to some systematic arrangements of warehouse. With the right warehouse execution system, this challenge can be turned into a cost saving competitive advantage for any brand.

FMCG are goods with a useful life shorter than a year and include product categories such as food and beverages, personal care, household and cleaning products, apparel and footwear, tobacco and pet food/pet care which are products bought relatively frequently with recurring expenditure. Systematic warehousing for these products will balance the demand and supply chain .

Our organization Esteem group is continuously working and is dedicated to enrich this ecosystem and to fill the vacuum in this chain .The world-class infrastructure for warehousing FMCG makes us the most trusting partners for various brands . Esteem group is aggressively growing and dedicating a larger energy in this domain. We are equipped with right knowledge source and right infrastructure to serve in warehousing large variety of products.

-Rohit Patravali

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