Letter to my 3-month-older self

So it’s your fourth day on beautiful Hawaii, but you are stuck in a classroom trying to keep yourself from ditching school and going to the beach, you watch the sun out the window and then look at your skin color and notice you are the palest you’ve ever been… you are so wishing you were laying in the sun just sun-bathing. But, then you remember that by the time you read this again, 3 months from now, you are gonna know tonssss of cool stuff. So yeah, I guess it’s a sacrifice worth making.

You went through day 1 of the DevLeague bootcamp, and you did not cry, which is aweesomme, and it actually was better than what you expected. Your teachers are so much fun and their heads are full of stuff you want to fill yours with. Plus, you’ve got like this major privilege that there’s just three students on your cohort and you’ve got like so much attention, so I hope you have taken advantage of this and that by the time you read this, you are already a crazy good developer.

I’m pretty happy you really took your time to prepare for this bootcamp, staying up all night until you solved that challenge on CodeWars you were so stressed out about, and completing the same tutorials 3 times each, was really worth it.

By the time you are reading this, it’s already time for you to go back to Mexico and start looking for a job somewhere in this world. You have to start getting experience so that your opportunities open up, but I’m pretty excited about all the things you’ll be able to do with your new skills. Your dream job will take more studying, keep reading and taking more courses. Hopefully someday you’ll be great at Machine Learning too.

I really can’t wait to be were you’re standing, but I also want to enjoy every minute of this experience. DevLeague, seems to be way better than what you’ve had imagined. You so did not expect it to be this cozy and fun. The staff here really seem to have your best interest at heart, and they seem to be people you will really cherish, even after the course is done. You did great on your first day, it was really fast-paced, but you managed to get the terms and instructions right, thanks to your instructors and classmates that were there to help you every time you had a doubt. You also did great with the assignments of the day, I hope that that is something you managed to keep up throughout the course. I am really happy that you chose to come here, I am really loving it.

Your 3-month-younger self

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