Heretic 102 Jesus the Zombie or The Journey

Jesus who became the Word and the Word was made flesh………Derrill who became the Estelle and the Estelle was made flesh. In a personal reflection of Easter and the Journey along with a growing Faith; these writs of transitional/liminal spaces combine. “O sweet Jesus, she’s at it again. Does she really think she can compare herself to Jesus?” Yes all who proclaim to be “Christian/Jesusian” (followers of Jesus and Christ) should. You wear the label now live it.

“Clearing the Temple” or living 24/7. Jesus had reached the limits of polite intercourse with almost everyone associated with “Religion”. The degradation of prayer, worship and all that was seen clean/unclean tripped the trigger of Jesus; the last friggen straw. It was time to set the future into place and motion. The excuses of “The Levitical Law” , who could be weighed by it’s standards, who was holy enough to speak with God, yadda yadda yadda…….felt like a stone on his shoulders.

Big Jump, in the cycle of Easter, to the Last Supper. In the Lunar Cycle this always arrives on a Thursday. Isn’t it all so tidy and neat for a very difficult and messy business? Anyway Jesus is having a gathering of the “followers” to break fast of Passover. Everyone was in a party mood, liking this new warrior who “came out”. Then came the big news, the shit was going to hit the fan and they feared it would land on them. Judas did as Jesus had asked, Peter was all pumped up, Thomas was confused, Luke Mark and John were busy writing this all down (insert sarcastic humour) and the Marys knew the truth behind the ruckus.

Isolated in a crowd and humiliated, beaten and crucified. Jesus begins the change, transition the physical wounds and death of the former self. This is where I feel the closest to Jesus, our lineal comparative, our shared pains. Transitions of all types; divorce, loss of a child/parent/friend, change of gender, aging, different-abled, religion………travel though these moments. We all bare/wear our sufferings emotional, mental and physical. We all at some point enter Liminal Spaces where the duality of male&female, hope&despair, dying&growth have faded lines…….as for my Faith there is a “resurrection” for all……but first…….The Zombie.

Now let your scifi, techno minds go wild. Mary has come to the grave of her beloved, maybe her significant other whose to question, and finds the grave empty. smelling of decomposition and heavy perfumed oils. She is hopeful, terrified, angry, in shock and dismayed. Then Mary sees a man wearing rags, smelling of death; he smelled like a homeless person, “Where have you taken my love, HIM!” She is totally exhausted and falls down, a complete mess……..”Mary, Mary, MARY!” she hears the voice of her Beloved, then remembers Lazarus and the hot mess as he came from the grave . Getting herself pulled together she runs towards him, “Master, my love!” only to be rebuked maybe laughing, “Do not touch me for I have not ascended to my Parent. Go tell the others I have resurrected/survived.”

[Side notes: Mary may have brought clean linens, water and oils to better preserve Jesus body, as the previous had been rather done in a hurry. In accord to Levitical Law anyone who touched a corpse remained “unclean” for 30 days and could not have any contact with men.]

Mary searches out the very brave men in hiding; maybe the back room of a brothel, in some forgotten Roman Temple or catacombs……To tell them about Jesus. There is a huge act of Faith on her part as Jesus had “raised her to be man”, which did not settle well with the guys. Mark, Luke and John still writing everything down in a corner by candle light. Then Jesus appears looking a bit better and poor Thomas is put to the test. Now remember Christ is still inside of Jesus body will all of the wounds, because these Missourians needed to be “shown” the truth.

Jesus before ascension eats with strangers, preaches, walks, talks and has one final gathering…….all before the Transfiguration to the Christ. Given the Easter Tide/Season I find the Beloved traveling The Journey, my Journey to become Real and Whole. “Work out your own salvation in fear and trembling.” holds true for each of us and we should not be expected to attach it to only Sundays, Feast Days or any human teaching. This Call to bare proof should be a balm not wounds, acceptance not exceptions. If we wear Christian or Jesusian, we need to live the words and walk the talk.

Was Jesus married, intersexed, celibate, monogamous, polygamous or any other ideals? Does it really matter? As for myself Jesus walked a Journey the embraces all Journies and survived.

The Gospel in accord to Estelle, so ends the Lesson.


Sister Estelle

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