Heretic 104

I am of the Third Gender whom have lived in all Cultures, Religions and Kingdoms. We have existed before Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed. We were the Keeper of Knowledge, Protectors of Treasure, Leaders of Armies, Keepers of Secrets, Teachers of Children and Held in High Esteem. Now we are a “political issue” being the easy source for the uninformed to confuse a public in need of understanding.

The King James version of Holy Scripture, the one I was raised with, seems to be the foundation for expressions of hatred……So from this common understanding I hope to bring forth a few lessons. Just a small history lesson; King James collected a group of scholars to place together a “book”, one with a beginning middle relief and an ending. Many “books” were left out from the Roman Church’s which had deleted many writings deemed “vague”. In all honesty both were conceived as patriarchal expressions omitting matriarchal and equalizing (equal to) scripture. Within the KJV there are mentions of “eunuchs”, given the limited understandings of Anglo-Roman conceptions (Judaism having 5 categories of gender) they became a universal cover all. If they had only looked into the choir loft for the pure clear soprano castrati, maybe some understanding might have began.

The Book of Esther list over 20 persons of gender difference, by name. Here is the “Thumper Stumper” ……… If it had not been for a “transgender” person, who could travel between the Patriarchal and Matriarchal (male and female world the information of a planned Jewish Genocide would have never reached Esther. She would not have been able to pursued her husband the King to reconsider……..and Jesus would have been born a Gentile. Esther is a good read with the expanded information, I would have enjoyed meeting her.

The Book of Daniel, yes the one with a Lion’s Den, Dream Interpretation and the gathering of the most beautiful-knowledgeable from all the nations. In Daniel chapter 1 verse 7 “unto whom the prince of eunuchs gave names; for he gave unto Daniel the name of Belteshazar….”. The reason for the name changes? This was part of the ceremony of becoming Third Gender. Now calling the book “Book of Belteshazar” would have been accurate and increase the impact of a “revelation”. Belteshazar/Daniel was a glorious example of gender variance, continuing to be in Favor of our Creator.

Isaiah 56 King James Version (KJV)

56 Thus saith the Lord, Keep ye judgment, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my righteousness to be revealed.2 Blessed is the man that doeth this, and the son of man that layeth hold on it; that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and keepeth his hand from doing any evil.3 Neither let the son of the stranger, that hath joined himself to theLord, speak, saying, The Lord hath utterly separated me from his people: neither let the eunuch say, Behold, I am a dry tree.4 For thus saith the Lord unto the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things that please me, and take hold of my covenant;5 Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.6 Also the sons of the stranger, that join themselves to the Lord, to serve him, and to love the name of the Lord, to be his servants, every one that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and taketh hold of my covenant;7 Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.8 The Lord God, which gathereth the outcasts of Israel saith, Yet will I gather others to him, beside those that are gathered unto him.9 All ye beasts of the field, come to devour, yea, all ye beasts in the forest.10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.12 Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and to morrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant. ………….

Given the impact of this chapter it’s entirety is presented. I’m not going to argue!

Matthew 19 King James Version (KJV)

19 And it came to pass, that when Jesus had finished these sayings, he departed from Galilee, and came into the coasts of Judaea beyond Jordan;2 And great multitudes followed him; and he healed them there.3 The Pharisees also came unto him, tempting him, and saying unto him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause?4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.7 They say unto him, Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away?8 He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.10 His disciples say unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry.11 But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.13 Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.15 And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence.16 And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.18 He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness,19 Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself…………

This gets even closer to home, a few sore toes…………Verse 12 softened my heart, having heard 14 repeated all of my life……Blessings indeed!

It is difficult to speak with Levitical Persons, those who live by Law not under Grace. When trying to explain a knowledge of The Laws is a necessity and can lead into a labyrinth of confusion. “Those who live by the Laws will die by the Laws’, as for myself I will live by Grace.


Sister Estelle