MSD Univadis Smart Search — Helping Doctors to Find the right Knowledge Faster.

UX Strategy, UX case study, Ideation, WeChat.

Search through 40,000 professional articles in one click.


Univadis is a free online medical content platform providing news, tools and education for Chinese HCPs (healthcare professionals).

In October 2016, our agency won the pitch and were tasked to improve Univadis image and communication strategy in China.

We implemented 3 digital solutions within 5 months: a new Registration Page, a Smart Search and a Chatbot. This case study is only about the Smart Search.

Date: Launched on February 2017 in China.

Agency: Fred & Farid


On this project I had to wear many hats as I worked as an Account Manager and UX designer.

We were essentially a 2 people team, I worked closely with our Digital Producer to make sure that the product is launched without bug and on time.

(In this case study, I intentionally omitted some details or strategy content to comply with my NDA.)


How to let HCPs find specialised content faster on mobile?

(Higher level goal: How to rebrand Univadis as a modern, interactive and relevant platform for busy Chinese HCPs?)



We enable HCPs to find the most relevant medical information faster by allowing them to search through 40,000 curated articles directly from WeChat.

Constraints: We worked around the fact that we could not change the design of brand website. We also managed to deliver a solution respecting brand strict user privacy policy, limited budget and time.

Input “#keyword” in Univadis Wechat official account to access to the most relevant medical info on mobile.

How did we get there?


…with no budget or how to work around money issues to get the right insights?

Who are our users?

2 types of user, 2 worlds.



From our research we found out that:

  • HCPs are mobile-first.
  • Chinese HCPs from 1st/2nd tier cities are looking for qualitative information about their own speciality.
  • Medical specialists don’t care about other speciality content.
  • GPs (General Practitioner) are looking for basic drugs information and updates.
So how could we provide more relevant content despite the fact we lack of user data to push targeted content?
How could we satisfy both GPs and specialists content need?
How could we help our users getting info faster?

Let doctors search specific topic directly from their mobile.

What’s Univadis value proposition for HCPs? Being able to provide curated and unbiased medical info on its platform.

It’s like the Google for HCPs. So why don’t we create a mobile search? …Eureka!

We initially wanted to try voice command, however we faced technical barrier with NLP as Chinese is extremely complex and diverse. So we went back to the text input.


Same same but different

We worked around the strict brand guideline and used the existing search algorithm (filter by relevance).

We brainstormed with our Digital Producer and Developers about how we could find a way to display the search results in a familiar WeChat content push format.

WeChat standard content push format only 4 articles

Nothing is impossible

Initially users will only be able to receive 4 results from the search. We managed to increase the number to 8 results. If none of these results are satisfying to the users, we gave the option to carry the search further by clicking on the last link (“U”).

…we managed to display 8 articles

UAT checked!

We carried out 2 Usability Acceptance Test with the stakeholders and 4 users.

Soft launch = user testings

As we were not allowed to carry user testings with doctors, we worked around by soft launching the feature and asked brand to test and gather user feedbacks among a small panel of doctors.


+53% increase of brand WeChat account followers.

+56% increase in registration.

Thanks a lot for reading this, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.