A piece of paper determines my future

You would be wondering ‘what kind of paper that’s so powerful that it controls one’s future?’ Well actually, there’s lots of paper that could determine how your life will go down. There’s marriage papers, wills, criminal records, your health test, your results paper, etc. While some may say its just a piece of paper and it doesn’t determine what kind of person I am or the choices I make, but in some kind of way, direct or indirectly, you’ll still get affected.

So what kind of magical paper am I talking about? It’s my visa. While most of the crowd would say oh it’s just a visa, it’s no big deal. But do you know that Donald Trump’s immigration ban would deport or refuse entry of muslim countries listed in the executive order into the US? The so called ‘Immigrant Free’ movement, is getting more horrifying that people in need of medical help or refuge are being banned entering the US, even green card holders are being refused entry.

I know exactly how both party feels. On one hand, people supporting Trump would be saying immigrants are stealing jobs and they want more authority in their homeland. While on the other hand, people against Trump would say this is fascism and what he’s doing is cold-blooded. It’s the same in most countries. The US is doing it, the UK is doing it, heck half of the globe’s immigration offices are doing this, just not as unplanned as Donald Trump is.

In my point of view, if I never left my homeland, I would think to myself, ‘We better ban all immigrants from entering because our economy is getting drawn down by these people!’. However, because I have traveled out my country and wanted to settle down in a foreign country, this thought scares me. How could I be so blind-sided?

We were all immigrants at one point. My roots are from China, Americans are from Europe! We’re not that different. Humans migrate and that’s completely normal. I understand that we need these visas to enforce law and order, but refusing basic human rights just because you’re from a unlikable country is kind of sad. I know it would be easier to just categorize people into one group but we should consider the fact that no two humans are exactly alike.

When there’s a will, there is a way to solve the problem.

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