Imagine a world without bloggers

Who are bloggers actually? Well you can imagine them as magical creatures that lives behind the computer screen, typing rainbow and sprinkles and shoot it through the wonderland of the internet. Feeding your brain with amazing information that you didn’t know about them. Or in short, bloggers are people who uses the internet as their personal diary.

You might think that blogging is a recent trend, but people have been doing it way back when the internet just started. It just wasn’t a “cool” thing yet, before more and more people see through the potential of how it impacts people. Writing and blogging is actually different. Writers generate articles in a third person view, using profound grammar and extend sentences into paragraphs. While bloggers on the other hand goes straight to the point and gives readers their personal opinion. In a sense, writers creates one way communication, while bloggers are like having a conversation with you.

People read blogs because it’s different from traditional media. Just like word of mouth, it’s from a real human so it feels much more relatable. They provide opinions in different points of view, instead of being one-sided. Now, the important part– what would happen if blogging never existed or allowed? Simple, you would only receive what the media or corporates behind them wants you to see. It’s still information, but it lacks human touch.

Blogging is so common today that most of us owned a blog some point in our life. The greatest thing about blogging? You don’t have to be a professional to write a blog. Some say vlogs (video blogging) would overtake blogging, because it’s a video and people nowadays has short attention spans. If you’re thinking of that, then mind us to remind you that there are digital news sites but newspaper is still bought and read by people! So blogs are definitely here to stay and it’s going to be more than for a while.

Thankfully for bloggers, we get to know more about different topics like travel destinations, must go places to eat or even the latest fashion tips. From step to step tutorials to opinion pieces, you can just google and you’ll stumble upon any of the articles that you’re looking for. And they’re free. You don’t even need to pay a single cent for reading any of their postings and you can choose to subscribe on your liking. (Don’t worry they make a living by placing ads or collaborations with brands)

Writers, bloggers, both are equally important in the wonderful land of imagination. They just project different roles like a black steed and a unicorn!

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