What’s the beef with Millennials?

If you’re born between 1981 and 1997, then congratulations! You have earned yourself a “Millennial” title. Who are millennials? Well they known as a bunch of people that doesn’t do things the way their parents did, or the generation that’s famously known for “killing” industries.

I know what you’re thinking about. “You’re a millennial, surely you would be by their side.” Well that’s only half correct. There’s always two sides of the story. I understand that yes in some context, we are “killing” some industries, but should we really be blamed for everything? It’s like saying it’s the DVD’s fault that VHS tapes are obsolete!

Imagine Thomas Edison caved into the generation before him and stick with candles, will we ever have the electric lightbulb? Or if Steve Jobs stick with keypad phones? You get the picture. Instead of looking what industry we put into the past, why not focus on the growth that we made so far?

Our generation might be dubbed the “most addicted to their mobile devices”, but you can’t deny how great the internet and digital world is. It makes work more easy and less paperwork, communication more convenient, information is just one click away and so on. What about Rihanna that stepped up the game for the beauty industry? Creating a range of cosmetics suitable for almost all race and skin colour. We break social norms and made a huge step for equality.

Look, millennials aren’t “killing” off industries. We learn from our predecessors and try to spice things up a little just to make things more suited for our generation. Just like how someone who’s allergic to peanut butter opt to use sunflower seed butter or cookie butter. Why not instead of bashing us as entitled, narcissistic, spoiled little brats, we sort things out? Truce?

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