Why Should You Spend Your Vacation In Estepona?

Estepona in Spain is a beautiful resort town and is located on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. The small town holds the tradition of Spain intact. It has got beautiful beaches, waterfalls, restaurants serving Spanish cuisine and heart warming culture a vacation in Estepona can leave you mesmerised with the beauty of the place. The town hosts attractions for all ages, you can have a stroll on the beach, or enjoy the scenic waterfalls or get lost in the adventure of water sports; it has something in store for everyone.

Estepona Weather

The best thing about this small town is its weather; the town experiences the most sun in the whole of Europe making it more attractive to tourists. Estepona Weather makes it a popular holiday destination all round the year. It has got a Mediterranean climate. You can experience the heat during the summers with a shoot in the temperature to 35-degree centigrade while the winters are pleasantly cold at 15-degree centigrade. The average temperature of Estepona is 18-degree centigrade.

Sightseeing in Estepona

· Puerto Banus- It is a community that is just a 30 minutes drive from Estepona port.

· Selwo Safari Park- it is an African Safari park that hosts around 2000 different species of animals and you can enjoy them in wild conditions. The place is just a 20 minutes drive from Estepona port.

· Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Estepona: It is the exhibition and congress centre of Estepona and located amidst the supermarket of the town. You can enjoy the supermarket, exhibitions, product presentations and fairs while you are here.

· Playa del Cristo: This is a beach situated in the west of Estepona port. The beach is small and was initially the naturist site of Spain.

Attractions of Estepona

· Food: There are a whole lot of restaurants serving traditional Spanish cuisines for you. If you have a taste for authentic Spanish food Estepona should be on your bucket list. Not only Spanish, Estepona serves authentic Mediterranean, Italian and French cuisines as well.

· Night Clubs: Estepona is famous for its night life. The popular night clubs are situated in Costa del Sol.

· Adventure Water Sports and Other Sports: If you are adventurous and try some water sports Estepona has a variety of them. You can find new types of water sports here which you will find nowhere else.

· Shopping: Estepona is shopper’s paradise. There are many local shops situated in the old town selling local products. There are many boutiques offering international clothing brands. There are also many supermarkets hoarding variety of goodies.

Estepona Holiday Letting

If you are holidaying in Estepona then Estepona Holiday Rental option is a must try. These holiday lettings provide you with a calm and serene atmosphere and also a good option if you require privacy. These are pretty large suites in the middle of the town giving you a taste of Spanish culture.

Estepona is a holiday option for adventurous as well as non-adventurous people. There’s a lot to do when you are in Estepona that will leave you with awe-struck memories you can cherish years after the trip. The Estepona Holiday Lettings provide you with all the comfort of a home stay in reasonable price.

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