Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

A truly insightful and very well written article, I really enjoyed reading it!

I’m also an Airbnb host (the classical spare room type) in a big city in Spain, and we face the same issues as you described, only that they happen to locals without racial discrimination. Rental prices are rising like never before and entire neighborhoods became “pseudo-local”. Here, it is not so much about the race of the people living there, but the location itself. In any case, Airbnb may not be the main reason of the misery but it is a contributor.

There are forever ongoing discussions on how to address this (tourism in general is a very hot topic here), so I’m making the most of it as long as it lasts. Btw, Uber is banned. (Though I just googled it, it seems there’s uberX in Madrid).