I Want To Be A Bad Bitch On A Motorcycle
Ella Dawson

Yes! I mean I waited until 30 to do it, and hell it feels great!

The funny thing is I took a course for a license for big bikes, starting from zero. I knew how to drive a car but had never driven even a scooter. My parents both had bikes (albeit smaller ones) and I was used to riding, to the balance, to the feeling of power under my ass and under my control, but that was illusionary. I never had the responsibility, I was just a mere passanger. Then one day I walked in to a school, did the theory and started practice. Here in Spain, you start on closed circuit, doing slalom, some speed and control. It was awfully hard in the beginning, I fell a few times and left awkwardly fast after practice so that my instructor could not see me crying. I somehow dragged myself through it, felt less and less self-conscious and passed the exam. Then came the practice in traffic, equally terrifying, and I passed that, too.

Then I got a bike. Second hand, but well kept, shiny and beautiful, if I had pictured beforehand (I haven’t) what I wanted, it would have looked like her (in Spanish it’s ‘la moto’, quite appropriately). I drove around with a friend at first, him going in front, me following. Then the time came for the first solo ride. I realized that I could do it and did not die. Then I went on a longer ride one weekend, and tested how fast I dared to ride. It feels just amazing.

And then last weekend I broke a bone in my foot walking around in heels, got a plaster cast and have to wait four weeks to ride again…

But the point is: if you want to do it, go for it! Yes, they love you, they worry about you, it will always be like that, but you are a big girl and can take care of yourself. On a bike, too!

Oh, and there is absolutely no such thing as “that kind of girl”.

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