Podcast #10: The Web is Dead?
Paul Ford

Wired is dead.

Really, no one can take it seriously anymore. It’s filled with click-bait headlines, opinions from people who are too shallow to have opinions, BS like “The gear you must own,” why name-your-movie/phone/fitness tracker/car (really?)/whatever-fuck-else is for losers or is the best or could have been better, blah blah blah. The only reason to go there now is for movie trailers and the occasional real piece of journalism. They’re peak was “Why software is so bad” more than a decade ago.

Wired is a blog. Any fool can have a blog. Hell, I have one! And yes, that’s bold and italics and the hell with the semantic web, because Wired once told me the web was dead. I think it may have also said blogs were dead. And possibly even apps. If Wired is right no one is reading this. It doesn’t exist.

Suddenly I feel so lonely….

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