Order Food Like a Boss

Foodpanda is an online food ordering site that connects people with the best restaurants around them. Ordering on Foodpanda is a simple 4 step process.

  1. Search for restaurants that deliver to your address
  2. Browse and choose from hundreds of menus to find the food you like
  3. Choose payment method (online or cash on delivery)
  4. Food is prepared at the restaurant, collected and deliver to your door step

What Do You Feel Like Eating Today?

However we felt that the hundreds of menu items may present an overloading of choices to the customer and result in a few not so ideal side effects.

  1. Average ordering time is high as customers try to decipher the choices available
  2. Customer abandons ordering as they are overwhelmed by the choices, cannot decide and basically gives up
  3. À la carte menu listing of food items may leave the customer wondering if they ordered too little or too much for their pax size

In the world of eCommerce…a confused customer does not buy

Step 1: Interview & Contextual Inquiry

We wanted to gather more insights into the experiences of users as they were ordering food through platforms like Foodpanda. We conducted a face-to-face interview with 18 participants who helped us better understand their thought process and ordering considerations.

  • 82% see the portion of food serving before making a decision
  • 89% see pictures to help them decide what to eat
  • 80% select their restaurants by the cuisine they serve
  • 70% order from their favourite restaurants
  • 88% order base on promotions and recommendations
  • 85% do not want to spend more than 10mins for the entire ordering from start to confirmation

Key Takeaways from what we gathered are:

Users need to “see” what they were getting before putting through the order

Users do not wish to spend too much time deciding

Users are open to trying food outside their favourite restaurants

Users don’t mind the “help” in deciding based on current promotions and recommendations

Step 2: Comparative & Competitive Analysis

Key Takeaways from competitor analysis

Food images are appetising and clearly illustrates the food item

Promotions and Bundle Meals are in the forefront of the ordering flow

Bundle Meals Clearly states the recommended pax suitability (i.e. bundle meal for 2, bundle meal for 4)

Average ordering time is under 5mins from start to confirmation

Step 3: Our Wireframes and UX Suggestions

Based on the user interview and competitor analysis research and analysis we are proposing 3 suggestions to improve the overall food ordering user experience.

a) Show Promotions within User’s Search Location

Providing digital real estate for current promotions at the top of the search results with attractive images can help users make a quick decision if they happy with the deals being offered. If yes, a click on the promotional banner brings them directly to the restaurant menu offering the promotion to complete their order.

Key take aways: When ordering food, people also often use the “What’s On Offer” strategy in making their decision. Showing available promotions in the forefront caters to this spectrum of users who would be happy to put an order if they feel they are getting a good deal.

b) Classify Restaurants by Cuisine in Search Results

Key take aways: When ordering food, people also often use the “What am I in the mood for?” strategy in making their decision. Showing available cusines in the forefront caters to this spectrum of users who would be able to quickly narrow down to the restaurants that are offering their preferred cusine for the day.

c) Bundle Choices within Each Restaurant’s Menu

Key take aways: When ordering food, people often use the “What’s Good” strategy in making their decision. Bundling is a good strategy in packaging what the restaurant thinks is good for a certain number of pax at a certain price point. For the user, if he likes what he sees and thinks the price is acceptable the probability of a purchase is higher and completed at greater speed.


Our suggested user experience improvements of the Foodpanda app are targeted at solving the pain points of users who likes the idea of having hot meals delivered right to their doorstep but would like to get the task done most efficiently, get food that best address their current mood and needs while also paying at a reasonable price point.