Cette réflexion a été rédigée à l’issue de mon stage effectué à Iregular (Montréal) de Juin à Septembre 2016. Il s’agit d’une tentative de questionnement autour de la place des algorithmes et de leurs enjeux dans la pratique actuelle du designer graphique.

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Pour voir l’édition réalisée dans le cadre de mon stage, cliquez ici.

La production décomplexée, centrée sur l’usage de langages de programmation est ancrée dans le processus de création du studio Iregular et induit une pratique profondément transformée. Il s’agit alors d’étudier la relation ainsi que l’influence du code, et surtout des algorithmes, dans la réflexion, la conception, mais également dans l’esthétique et l’identité du travail du designer.

Comment les algorithmes issus des langages de programmation peuvent-il générer de nouveaux enjeux dans la pratique actuelle du designer graphique ?

It all started with a very simple email sent in September and now, everything that I can remember is I am in New York City for a week. Ok, I am a little bit lying, things were not that easy — especially when my Airbnb host canceled my reservation four hours before I took my plane — but it is another story.

A mix of feelings

I should be used to leave my family and friends. I mean, I left my parent’s home at 18 in order to study in Paris (400 km far from home) then, two years later I moved in Rennes (600 km far from home) and last year I also did a 3-month internship in Montreal (6000 km far from home). But every time, the last days before leaving and first days after arriving are quite complicated and I think it is because my relatives are my reference points. It might be a little bit cheesy but it is how I work, and I have finally accepted that. I would not say that I am not independent — I am always excited to discover new countries or cities, to live new experiences by myself — it is just hard for me to leave people I care about because they are a real part of my comfort zone. …


Esther Bouquet

I am a graphic design student interested in new technologies and interactivity. I am trying to write things and share what I learn.

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