A day in the life of a Bootcamp grad trying to start a Bootcamp.

It was not long ago that I graduated from an immersive Bootcamp in San Francisco to change my career to a software engineer. 6 months later, I am currently helping out my fellow bootcamp-grad’s to start their own coding Bootcamp in Barcelona.

Being in a great international city has its perks. I get to wake up and go to my favorite coffee shop, order two sandwiches, two coffees, and one croissant for less than 10 euro. Daily. Then I walk 3 miles to our co-working space in downtown Ramblas, Barcelona to teach Javascript 101. After class, I usually walk another 3 miles home, and if I want to indulge I’ll stop at Habibi for delicious Lebanese food.

One of the underlying features of walking every day is that you get to know the city better. I have become really good at distinguishing prostitutes, cannabis coffee shops and people yelling at each other in what I like to call ‘Arab’ street (my preferred way to take). I feel like I know the kid playing soccer at the corner every night and I mend my coding frustrations with a nice beer every Friday–courtecy of one of our students.

Maven, our coding school, is young but promising. We like to give free coding workshops every two weeks and enjoy our start-up life here in Barcelona. But start-up-bootcamp life is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, your curriculum needs to be adapted to specific cases and you are always wondering which coding exercise will be the most beneficial for your students.

The good news is that by having little victories you win the war. We have two successful workshops that have been requested by the best universities in Europe and we get to teach the stuff we love. We periodically fly out to Paris to teach MBA students, and we get to meet incredibly dedicated developers through our meet-ups. We have finalized our Technology-for-Business workshop and our Project Management curriculum is on its way.

Perhaps our biggest victory is Javascript 101. A course that redesigns the way people learn how to start coding. With 6 months in the making, Javascript 101 not only teaches the fundamentals, but it is designed to also be a stand-alone course. For even better news, we are about to release it as open source.

Education is a hard industry to tackle, especially because no one has figured it out yet. On the bright side, though, if we don’t try we’ll never know.


E –out.