Schiermonnikoog. Photo by Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Do you remember the last time you read a Facebook post and immediately went into a “Seriously? How can she write that!?’” frenzy?

Only to find out minutes later that you didn’t read it properly and forgot to ask: ‘What did she really mean’?

I’m asking you because it feels like we — the human race — are divided like never before. Or maybe it feels like that because social media uncovers all the hate and prejudice on a global scale.

And it ain’t pretty.

But it also houses the voices of the women and men who speak up and…

You and I are wonderfully weird. Right?
We are sensitive and prone to some very interesting mood swings.

Sometimes we go to bed feeling all ‘Yippy-a-yeah’ and wake up feeling ‘Kind-of-meeeh’.

But you are an entrepreneur! So even though you’re not feeling all confident and in control, you still courageously start working.

* You post a beautiful picture with some heartfelt words on Facebook.

But no one reacts!


It’s like that empty space under your post is making fun of you!

* A client cancels her meeting

You just KNEW she was going to do that! * Your internet…



I mean a real personal brand.

Do you know who your clients are? What they want? Do you know how to stand out? Do you have a well-defined niche? A method? Whose go-to person or expert are you? Does your brand help you to get more clients and earn real money doing what you’re obviously good at? Does it bring you the level of success you long for?

If I wake you up in the middle of the night can you tell me why you are completely…

The Single Most Important Question You Have To Ask When You Want To Make It As An Entrepreneur

Can I ask you to be honest with me? Will you look at the photo.

This is Paris. I’m the woman in the black dress, the guy with the red hair is my son. This is not a stock photo. I’m a real person, with a real 12-year old son who sees the Eiffel Tower for the first time. I am not asking if you like what I’m wearing. This is not about that.

I just want to know how I make you feel.

Why am I asking, you want to know? Because your answer provides me with invaluable information…

The Simple Way to Be the Cause of Happiness and an Enchanting Entrepreneur at the Same Time.

Josh Felise at Unsplash, Berkeley Public Library — West Branch, Berkeley, United States

I happen to know that you like to make other people happy AND you long for joy and happiness yourself.


How do I know?

Because you are human and we humans want to feel happy.

So, let’s do something very simple today. Something that will lift your spirit, will help you enchant people (and future clients!) and bring joy.

All those goodies are the result of One Simple Action.

I’m asking you to reach out today to One Person and do something incredibly simple:

  • Give your biggest sincerest smile to a stranger on a bus.
  • Send a message to…

How I survived 10 years of depression by being stubborn as hell.

Alexa Mazzarello via Unsplash

It started when I was 28. I was a beautiful young woman. Black hair, black and red clothes, bright red lipstick and huge golden earrings.

I was convinced I was plain, slow, fat and invisible.

A holiday with girlfriends in Portugal turned into a pitch black month under the South European sun. I clearly remember the horrid feeling of trying to stay sane while my holiday mood turned into a black mess of despair.

First I thought the feeling of inexplicable heavy misery was caused because I missed my boyfriend. I tried to cure it. Push it out. With wine…

A Call Out to my Fellow Wonderfully Weirdo’s: Stop Playing Small and Embrace your Weirdness.

Rodion Kutsaev via Unsplash

I remember it like it happened yesterday. New Years Eve, Amsterdam. I was celebrating the end of 1998 in a large industrial building filled with artists, designers, writers, actors. Artsy Folks.

I was having a great time. Through a haze of cheap wine and screaming laughter I was playing Sausage Dracula with one of the guests. We were sticking pieces of sausage in the corner of our mouths and pretending to be truly scary.

I was having such a wonderful carefree time.

Suddenly in the corner of my eye I saw one of the artists nudging a photographer. Mind you…

How I raised 561 dollars, got my ‘Patronum’ and felt the power of gratitude!

image unsplash

Can I have your money for my birthday?”, I asked my Creative Flow subscribers two weeks ago. Instead of birthday gifts I asked donations for Charity: Water.

500 Dollar would give 16 people access to clean water.

Oddly enough I felt seriously anxious about my request. What would happen if no one wanted to donate?

I know! Scary, right?!

But soon the money poured in.

Donations from people I’d never met before. Money from friends, fellow entrepreneurs, clients, family. From neighbours who left me lovely notes with money in my mailbox at home.

Dear Esther, Happy Birthday. I don’t own…

How to go from feeling beat to light as a feather without flying to a deserted island.

Being an entrepreneur is great. You are the Awesome Manager of Everything. You can work, eat, sleep and drink whenever you want and wear your yoga pants to work singing ‘Freedom’ off-key.

You’re the decision maker. And as long as you’re in flow your life is amazing.

But what happens when you have to take care of your sick mother. Your oldest daughter walks around as if she’s responsible for the movement of the earth. And you can’t remember the last time you had a conversation with your beloved that transcended grocerie lists and ‘What time will you be home”.

Yesterday a kind sensitive soul in my Soul Whisperer Facebook group wrote:

“How do you respond to discussions about refugees, climate change, racism, hateful behaviour towards others?
I see so much hate, rage, ignorance and intolerance, I worry about being part of the silent majority that enables all this to become the new norm. I believe I need to speak up. But I don’t know how.

In other words: can sensitive women and men — who by nature shy away from noise and violence — refuse to become the silent majority in a world where loud mouthed assholes have taken…

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