Sex and the Supplements….? Yes, yes yes!

I’ve had my nutrients today, babe…….

I don’t do fad. I don’t do fast-buck, make a million supplements. I know that sex sells, supplements sell and a combination of these is a tempting utopia that promises to get your bank accounts bulging.

But what I want is the hard stuff. The proof. After a quick 5 minutes of playing with my lit search, showed me that some research really hits the spot.

I have to admit, it took me a bit to find it. A scientific search on ‘sex and supplements’ comes up with some pretty strange — the papers that did show some conclusive research:

L-arginine, in combination with vitamins and minerals, has been reported to improve sexual desire, frequency, vaginal dryness and sensation.

Ginkgo biloba is known to increase blood flow and kava has been used to ease anxiety.

Isoflavones, which have a weak phytooestrogenic effect, may help to increase vaginal lubrication.

DHEA has been used specifically for female sexual dysfunction.

Vitamin E has been used for vaginal dryness orally, and as a cream with isoflavones, hyaluronic acid and collagen (though I can’t help wondering whether, if by some miracle, they can promise you a vaginal lift, like many of the facial products that contain them).

…. and I’m left thinking that maybe, just maybe, we need to get down to basics. A woman with low iron status is likely to feel knackered. And a man with low zinc might have low sperm quality inside his knackers. A women who’s intakes of essential fats are low could lack concentration, and a man with low vitamin D status might feel depressed. That’s hardly the starting point for a steamy night of passion-fuelled sex….

Which brings me to my climax. Yes, the research is there for certain supplements, yes the studies are there to show clear benefits, and yes, you’d do well to review some good old-fashioned, common sense nutrition.

Start from this base, add in some supplements and smooch into the mood for love. Then get down to it…, drink and “make merry!”

<References available on request>

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