Taiwan 2016

Soundtracks of the trip- Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit, idfc by Blackbear

As with all my trips, this one started with just a pair of return tickets and the first two days of accommodation booked. And as always, the gamble paid off. Taiwan, you were amazing.

Apart from the gloomy weather, we were able to score cheap (and good) accommodation. We ate sooo much good food without breaking the bank, and made super chill Taiwanese friends.

hostel hopping

Taiwan was a relatively comfortable travel destination given that our command of mandarin was sufficient (albeit barely). We spent the majority of our mornings sleeping in and ended our nights with Taiwanese beer. We were truly savouring the perks of temporary unemployment on our vacation.

Not having to wake up at 9am everyday wasn’t the only thing we were savouring. Have i mentioned how amazing Taiwanese street food is?? I’m a 360 convert, a hardcore fan. What added on to the enjoyment of the food was definitely the atmosphere of the night markets.

(we didn’t win)
the morning after
cat whisperer
public nuisance