Intake — August 15th 2017

I really love Mike Fahey at Kotaku — he has an ongoing series called “Snacktaku” where he reviews new and unusual snacks.

Inspired by this, I’m going to start doing something called Intake, where I review goodies with a caffeine spin in a Readme type format. Soooo let’s talk about:

Cherry Limeade Gfuel

Gfuel recently released a new flavor to their Gfuel lineup, Cherry Limeade. For those of you new to Gfuel, it’s a powdered energy drink focused on gamers that contains about 150mg of caffeine and a ton of B12 complex vitamins, pretty much like Red Bull on steroids.

How to drink it?

You literally just dump a scoop of the stuff in with 16oz of cold water and shake it up. You don’t have to chop up limes and cherries like the picture of this guy in a very nice kitchen.

Does it work?

Much like the rest of the flavors in the Gfuel series, you won’t be going to bed any time soon after finishing a cup. One thing I love about Gfuel is that there isn’t any crash associated with it, so it boosts your energy twofold and doesn’t make you feel like death afterwards. As far as reaction time, I did see a noticeable difference in how I responded when gaming, but I tend to play a lot of story-heavy RPGs and am in no way a professional e-sports kind of player.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with Gfuel ever since I grabbed a cup at a convention in March — it definitely provides more energy than coffee, is very convenient and cheap and tastes spot-on to what is advertised.

What does it taste like?

I had high hopes for this new Cherry flavor, but would definitely not recommend it. It tastes a bit like cough syrup and limeade combined. At first all you taste is the limeade and you think, “Ahh — refreshing!” then are promptly smacked in the mouth with childhood memories of Robitussin.

Gfuel does have a lot of other really delicious flavors though — I really love the Coconut flavor and Blue Ice (Gfuel’s spin on a sort of Blue Raspberry Slurpee). Their entire line is also sugar-free, which is a refreshing change from the sugar content of most energy drinks on the market today. All in all, I believe they have about 16 or 17 flavors and I am crazy about pretty much all of them except this flavor and Grape.


Give Gfuel a try! But maybe pass on Cherry Limeade.

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