UCC Melon Cream Soda: Liquid Kyptonite in a Can

Intake — August 29th, 2017

Yes, it’s that time again! Today’s intake is UCC Melon Cream soda, aka the nectar of the gods. How could I NOT review the drink that Teen Vogue called, “liquid kryptonite?”

How to drink it?

Nothing special here, it’s not like the Japanese soft drink Ramune where you have to pop the top and try not to swallow the glass marble swirling around in the drink. (Has anyone ever died from Ramune? I somehow feel like it could be possible, yet that doesn’t stop me.)

Does it work?

It’s not caffeinated, but it IS made of wishes and dreams, so use sparingly.

What does it taste like?

Like the cover says: TASTY. This is the best soda ever made. One of the things I enjoyed most about visiting Tokyo was finding flavors I actually liked and that I wished there was a US equivalent of. In fact, Zima still exists in Japan and I drank one at a karaoke bar with my friends. (It wasn’t enough to make me sing, “Poker Face” in public.)

Imagine a sweet green melon with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this soda which leaves hints of a bubblegum aftertaste when you’re finished with it.


Give me all of the melon cream soda. All of it.