Where are the Hearts of Gold?

Today, my mum and I were out running errands and I heard a loud thud. Out of curiosity, I turned to look behind to see 2 legs waving behind some bushes and heard an elderly man pleading for help. At that moment, all I could do was to hurry my mum and ran over to save the elderly.

While rushing to the elderly, all I could witness was the pleading and nothingness. No one stops to help. No vehicle stops to help. A taxi did bother to slow down but drove off after seeing that I was running towards the elderly. Honestly, I was dumbfounded. Nevertheless, the priority was to save the elderly.

You would have thought that I must have felt good for saving a person’s life. No, I felt pain. I felt the pain when I accidentally looked into his teared up eyes. I felt his helplessness. Even though my mum and I were there, slowly joined by 2 other strangers. 3 of us were carrying the elderly while the other was pushing the wheelchair. I could sense his pain while I held him, not just from the fall but the loneliness. He pleaded helplessly and no one came to his help immediately.

Image Credit: Cristian Newman on Unsplash

After helping him out, he quickly dashed off from the walk of shame without saying any thanks. The grateful gesture no longer matters as it must be really painful for him to reflect. Moreover, he was too embarrassed to say anything.

I feel him.

On a day like this, I wondered where are the hearts of gold? Where has humanity gone? I couldn’t believe my eyes that a vehicle decided to just drive off after seeing an old man pleading for his dear life. I couldn’t understand how a group of human could stand from a distance and see the man suffered.

Image Credit: Davide Ragusa on Unsplash

It is also on a day like this that remains me of the bystander effect. Everyone assumes someone will help, even in life and death situations. Please don’t assume! If your gut tells you that it’s an emergency, it most possible is. You could save a life! At worst, you will embarrass yourself for a few minutes. Deep in my heart, I really wish that every one of us could be a little more compassionate and kinder with or without anyone around.

At the end of the day, I am thankful that the elderly is safe and alive. I still believe in humanity. All is well.

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